Congress may roll back parts of the Americans With Disabilities Act. Make a call.

Amber Smock on Hitting Left.

I heard from our friend Amber Smock today.

Amber is a disability rights activist.. She works with Chicago’s Access Living, and she was on Hitting Left recently.

She posted this on Facebook.

Friends, I see people are doing a great job fighting to stop HR 620 on social media, but the one thing that really needs to happen is PHONE CALLS. I know, I know, ugh phone calls, but whether you make calls or have someone call for you, we need to get the phones ringing in the US House because the Congressional staff are saying “but nobody from the disability community is calling us.” We need to change that TODAY. CALL. Say this: “Hi, my name is _______ and I’m calling to ask you to vote NO on HR 620, because it will hurt the rights of people with disabilities to go to businesses in our communities. This bill must be stopped.”

Don’t let them fool you by saying the bill is actually good for people with disabilities. That is bullshit and it is based on them saying they’ll get the DOJ to enforce things. That is MISLEADING because that’s been the DOJ’s job for the last 27 years.

Find your US House member’s phone number and CALL TODAY (proxy calls totally ok too).

HB 620 would roll back a key component of the American With Disabilities Act.
H.R. 620 would change the way in which a business must comply with the ADA.
The bill would place the burden on the individual who is being denied access.
This bill proposes that after an individual with a disability is denied access they must first notify the business owner, including exact specifics, as to how their civil rights were violated.
After waiting six months it us up to the person with the disability to see if “substantial progress” toward access has been made before they can go to court to get an order to comply.
Business owners can spend years out of compliance and face no penalty even after they receive notice, so long as the owners claim “substantial progress.”
What crap.
Make the call.

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