Breaking: Newman and Lipinski tied in latest poll.

Marie Newman joined my brother and me on the latest podcast of Hitting Left.

You can hear the hour Hitting Left podcast from last week with Marie Newman here.

Natasha Korecki’s Illinois Playbook Tuesday morning:

A new Public Policy Polling survey shows political newcomer Marie Newman in a statistical dead heat with longtime Congressman Dan Lipinski. The poll, made available first to POLITICO, showed 43 percent of those surveyed supported Lipinski and 41 percent backed Newman the two percentage points were within the margin of error. The automated poll of 648 likely Democratic primary voters was taken Feb. 27-28. Here is the Memo and Crosstabs

The numbers reflect a huge jump in Newman’s name recognition since October, when she only logged 18 percent in a Normington Petts poll . Since then, various groups, including NARAL, Planned Parenthood and SEIU have backed Newman, and a superPAC targeting Lipinski has helped drive up her name ID and his negatives. While Lipinski has more money in his account than Newman, over the last few weeks, the Citizens for a Better Illinois political action committee spent nearly $700,000 on ads attacking Lipinski. Newman had the help of veteran Democrats U.S. Reps. Jan Schakowsky and Luis Gutierrez who publicly rejected Lipinski, calling his views opposing abortion rights and votes on immigration too conservative for his district. The AFL-CIO has backed Lipinski and he has the support from dozens of mayors and village presidents in the 3rd Congressional District.

3 thoughts on “Breaking: Newman and Lipinski tied in latest poll.

  1. Always enjoy reading your blog! Thanks for the great work. Please fix the spelling of the word “hear” You can hear….not here the hour. Also, your caption under the photo should be joins or joined. I do not want people criticizing you for your spelling or use of the English language. What you have to say is far more important!

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