Keeping retirement weird. International Women’s Day.

Fred Klonsky


It is primarily women who will be hurt by Senate Bill 1.  Photo: Fred Klonsky

Aunt Mary – who was not my actual aunt – grabbed the live lake perch out of my hand and said, “You do it like this.” Aunt Mary proceeded to smack the fish’s head against a tree.

My brother-in-law and I had been out on Lake Champlain off the Adirondack camp his family owned. We had spent the day fishing by Split Rock. Which, as far as I could tell was an excuse to go through a case of beer.

I did, however, land a few lake perch.

“That’s how you kill it,” Aunt Mary lectured me.

“Now you can go gut and scale it,” sounding more like a drill sergeant than the slight elderly lady who stood before me.

I am pretty sure that Aunt Mary would have described me as a sissy. Her…

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