Boss Berrios tanking and undecided for governor is in second place after having spent nothing on the campaign.

All the undecideds would have to break for somebody other than Pritzker for Pritzker to lose based on current polls.

There is a winter storm watch for New York tonight and tomorrow until 6PM. I am scheduled to fly home tomorrow from Brooklyn.

Maybe I will and maybe I won’t.

Our dog Killer is on watch.

I have been keeping an eye on the polls, although I voted before I left town. I always vote the first day early voting allows. I want that vote banked.

In case you care, my vote went without enthusiasm for Biss.

I voted for Chuy for Congress and Fritz for Assessor.

Since I don’t live in Marie Newman’s congressional district , I can’t vote for her against the Machine’s Dan Lipinski. A win for her would be a blow to the regulars.

I wish I could have voted for Brandon Johnson for 1st district County Commish.

Boss Joe Berios is now so likely to lose that the rats are already deserting his sinking ship.

What surprises me is that some self-identified progressive and so-called independent election organizations in some progressive wards have remained silent on the race for Tax Assessor.

I don’t get it.

What a great chance to beat The Machine.

In the race for Governor, $65 million dollars has gotten JB Pritzker exactly where he started at 35%. Four points ahead of second place, undecided.

It would take all the undecideds to go elsewhere for Pritzker to lose, so I’m guessing he won’t.

If Rauner survives the Ives challenge, one might assume that in November a Democratic wave and another $100 million in a self-funded campaign would carry Pritzker to the governor’s mansion.

But these days, assume nothing.

9 thoughts on “Boss Berrios tanking and undecided for governor is in second place after having spent nothing on the campaign.

  1. Hi Fred. I just can’t pull the lever for Biss…..not only did he try to “reform” our pensions, I don’t like the way he immediately dropped his first Lt. Gov. candidate over the boycott Israel movement.

    Thanks for all the work you and Mike are doing.

    P. Leifer

    1. You are not alone. I understand. There is a price to pay for what they do. I know many who are not like me and willing to move on. I will not, however, forget.

  2. I implore you to read Chris Kennedy’s platform on his site . I think he’s a candidate that will follow through on his promises (as best he or anyone can), he will stand up to Madigan with no problem, he cares about the right to collective bargaining and a $15 minimum wage, he cares about protecting our pension, a progressive income tax, an end to Berrios’ deals with big money property owner, and end to the school to prison pipeline, and he cares about rebuilding our economy. He’s not perfect, but neither are any other candidates or any one of us, for that matter..

  3. You Fred have just shown how wishy washy you truly are. Biss would have given his left testical to have been able to steal your pension and you voted for him. Thank God you aren’t running for public office because you have just shown you’d flip flop like a carp on dry land. Please always stay a democrat voter, you only help the republicans.

      1. If elected, Biss will do an end run to cut pensions by either pushing an amendment to change the constitution or work to elect anti-pension supreme court justices, or both. Supremes in Illinois take campaign contributions instead of being appointed so dark money will happen.

  4. Say it ain’t true, Dan Biss, please say it ain’t true! I thought you said you saw the errors of your ways when you tried to steal our pensions. Now it comes out that you are OK with putting a new tax on our pensions to pay back what is owed to our state pension systems??!! If it is true, say it, so we know what we are voting for. If it is not true, you need to SPEAK UP NOW that you will NOT allow taxing retirement income, and as governor you will use your amendatory veto to line out any retirement tax.

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