Boykin running scared from Brandon Johnson’s grass roots challenge.

The next County Commish, Brandon Johnson.

While the race for Illinois Governor is nothing if not dreary (I voted unenthusiastically for Biss while wondering what happened to the Sanders’ movement in Illinois’ state-wide races), there are many local bright spots.

None brighter than our friend Brandon Johnson’s challenge to the current County Commissioner of the 1st District, Richard Boykin.

In any other county, Boykin would be a Republican.

Brandon is a former CPS teacher and political organizer for the Chicago Teachers Union.

He has been a guest and co-host on Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers three times.

Here is the last one he did with us.

Plus I wrote him a check for a hundred bucks.

That broke my self-imposed political campaign funding cap.

But it shows how strongly I support Brandon.

This morning the Chicago Trib reports:

Contributions caps off in County Board race: Limits on campaign contributions were lifted on Monday in the 1st District County Board race, after a business-aligned political action committee topped $100,000 in spending to help Commissioner Richard Boykin defeat challenger Brandon Johnson.

JOBS PAC is heavily funded by the Illinois Manufacturers Association. It has spent nearly $108,000 on mailers and radio ads supporting Boykin and $78,000 on mailers opposing Johnson, according to state campaign disclosure records.

The committee was formed in 2012 to “support policies creating a vibrant manufacturing sector and strong economic climate in Illinois,” and it has spent nearly $448,000 this year to back candidates like Boykin who opposed the county’s now-repealed pop tax, boost others who ended up voting against it and oppose their challengers.

Johnson, however, is getting strong support from unions, many of which backed the tax to prevent county job cuts. So far, he’s raised more than $363,000, with most of the money coming from organized labor. (Hal Dardick)

So, Boykin is backed by the Illinois Manufacturers Association with nearly $200,000.

Brandon has my c note and a grass roots campaign.

And a three-time appearance on Hitting Left.

In the bag.

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