4 thoughts on “Sketchbook.

  1. Your arm around Biss? Have you no SHAME? You’re a scum sucking carp. Flip flop, what’s that sound? Oh that’s just Fred . One minute he bad mouths Biss for well over a year, the next he is supporting and voting for Biss. Fred, you’re a tool. Plain and simple.

    1. Ah! Anonymous lectures me on political morality. I never “bad mouthed” Biss. I oppose pension theft. I argued that those politicians who support pension theft should be opposed. I opposed Biss’ re-election. He changed his position and said he was wrong, unlike Kwame Raoul and Pat Quinn for example. But which Democrat do you support for Governor? You don’t say. Oh. Maybe it is Rauner or Ives? But as long as you hide behind your anonymity, we will never know.

      1. All that time and effort you spent telling everyone how Biss is a pension thief and you gave him your vote! You have no spine or credibility with your followers. Be careful Fred, it looks like Biss has his hand on your wallet! Ahh, never mind, like you said, he changed his position. Please cry me a river when he steals your pension!

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