The Mayor is outraged by filthy schools, a situation he and his appointed school board created.

When Mayor Rahm’s appointed school board privatized custodial work at CPS in 2014, Tim Cawley, CPS’ chief administrative officer at the time said the deal was, “truly a win, win, win,” He said it would save CPS millions of dollars, free up principals to focus on instruction and result in cleaner schools.

Now, after a secret inspection of over a hundred schools by CPS, the Mayor says he is beyond outraged that they are filthy.

Teachers and students have been saying it for years.

A year after the Aramark contract, 200 of 522 principals of CPS schools told the Chicago Principals and Administrators Association that their schools were dirtier since Aramark and SodexoMAGIC took over janitorial services in March 2014.

More than 200 also said the private managers did not free them up as promised.

Last January, the Board of Education approved a $535 million expansion to both companies, privatizing school engineers under an “integrated facilities model” that would put Aramark and SodexoMAGIC in charge of most building concerns.

Just 34 of the 125 schools passed the recent so-called blitz inspections. The worst of the results in schools serving poor children of color.

The DuSable high school building, 4934 S. Wabash, had the highest potential fines overall at $37,250.

Robinson, which only goes up to third grade, had the highest among elementary schools at $30,500.

Yesterday, 32nd Ward Alderman Scott Waguespack tweeted:

I agree. Cancel the contracts.

And we are still waiting for our elected school board.

6 thoughts on “The Mayor is outraged by filthy schools, a situation he and his appointed school board created.

  1. I recall principals, teachers and parents complaining about the state of their schools once Aramark took over. Workers didn’t show. And when they did they were unresponsive to staff needs. Paper towels and toilet paper were not to be found.parrnts and teachers were forced to clean their schools and provide necessary hygiene products out of their own pockets. This information was published in numerous media outlets. Emanuel and the board ingnored it all and doubled the amount of schools handing Aramark millions more. For nothing.

  2. Fred, Do you know what, if any, is the connection between Rahm and this new ASPEN data collection system (Follett Corp.)?

  3. Privatizing the engineers is a dangerous, foolish move. Malfunctioning equipment can lead to carbon monoxide build-up throughout the building.

    “Carbon monoxide problems in schools last year — namely at Prussing Elementary, where children and teachers were hospitalized — happened after engineers were absent, he said. LaRaviere also questioned why companies that have cost more than projected and continue to draw complaints are being rewarded with more work”.

  4. Quinn’s courts case failed but it shouldn’t take that anyway. It’s Cullertons fault.But ironically the Federal ruling shows how foolish a case for Quinn’s pension cut would have looked in Federal Courts. If they can’t find a problem with the Illinois Constiution on this they sure would find nothing wrong with the Pension clause.

  5. Funny that only during an election cycle Rahmbo is publicly outraged by filthy CPS schools. Where was his public outrage the last couple of years when this issue was being reported? Makes one wonder if they have Aramark and SodexoMAGIC at the University of Chicago’s laboratory school where Rahm’s kids attend[ed]. Wouldn’t bet on it, that’s for sure!

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