Bruce Rauner and the low bar.


Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 7.18.29 AMThursday morning The St. Louis Post Dispatch reports:

During several sexual encounters with his hair stylist the year before he was elected Missouri’s governor, Eric Greitens struck her in the face, touched her crotch without her consent and called her a “whore,” the woman told a Missouri House committee, according to newly released documents.

The claims add disturbing new layers to the single criminal allegation Greitens faces — a felony invasion-of-privacy charge, for allegedly taking and transmitting a semi-nude photo of her without her consent.

In sworn testimony made March 7, the woman stood by that allegation, as presented in the House report released Wednesday afternoon. She also painted a broader picture of Greitens as a controlling, jealous lover for whom violence or the threat of it was an integral part of the affair.

But Politico’s Natasha Korecki reports that Gov. Bruce Rauner’s unpopularity has dropped 10 percentage points since January, according to a Morning Consult poll out today. The new numbers, which show that three in five Illinois voters disapprove of the Republican governor’s job performance, ranks Rauner as the third most unpopular governor in America.

Even lower than the crotch-groping governor of Missouri.



3 thoughts on “Bruce Rauner and the low bar.

  1. Rick Snyder must have made the top ten (actually, surprised he’s not at the top; don’t know what Malloy did to earn the top honor). More garbage being thrown at the people of Flint; reported “ending of bottled water to Flint residents” because, supposedly, their water is now “safe.”
    Meanwhile, Nestle being allowed to siphon water from state.
    What w/DeVos (or DeLoss, as I call her) & Snyder, hasn’t Michigan suffered enough?

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