“The OEA doesn’t get to decide when I’m finished.”

Thousands of Kentucky teachers called in sick and rallied at the capital.

Teachers in Kentucky rallied by the thousands at the capital demanding an override of the governor’s veto of a pension bill that while promising more funding falls well short of what the pension systems need and are owed.

In Oklahoma, the leaders of the Oklahoma Education Association want teachers to return to work with about the same amount of spending teachers were promised before the walk out began a week ago.

The OEA put a survey online to see if teachers wanted to continue the walkout.

When 70% of the answers said yes, the leadership claimed the survey had been compromised and requested schools remain closed on Monday so that they could better convince teachers to go back to work.

After OEA leaders said the strike was over, some teachers said they were not surveyed before the walkout was called off.

“The OEA doesn’t get to decide when I’m finished,” said middle school choir teacher Renee Jerden. “I feel like it’s a cop-out — we have let them win by showing them they can behave however they want, and we’ll eventually get tired and go home.”


One thought on ““The OEA doesn’t get to decide when I’m finished.”

  1. Another example of union leadership NOT listening to their members. When will they learn? New leadership or the formation of a new tupe of union seems to be sorely needed and it’s not just in Oklahoma!

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