Mission accomplished.

One thought on “Mission accomplished.

  1. When Trump said he was bringing the troops home from Syria last week, I smelled a rat. The MSM is showing all kind of clips portraying the outrage of the victims. Evil Assad has used chemical weapons on his own people. C-SPAN has many callers who have bought this story hook, line, and sinker. They all seem to feel that it’s Trump to the rescue.

    However, these same people don’t realize that people are poisoned everyday here in America. Scientist have proven that the chemical weed killer known as Round Up and is made by Monsanto, causes cancer. Yet, it’s for sale right now at any Menards, Lowes, or Home Depot. The propaganda like commercials that we see on TV for this product make it look to be totally safe. Americans are also chemically poisoned by vaccines. VAXXED the movie informs us of a massive cover up by the CDC that shows there is a link to Autism and the MMR vaccine. And how about Big Pharma? They are forever dodging lawsuits because people have been crippled or died from using pharmaceutical products that were not thoroughly tested. America is doing plenty right now to chemically poison it’s populace.

    Before Trump starts cleaning up anybody else’s house, he ought to clean up the mess right here at home.

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