No war.

16 thoughts on “No war.

  1. This comes from the Indivisibles. I agree with their assessment.
    But Trump has no real interest in the safety of the Syrian people. The US has only accepted 11 Syrian refugees this year. And strikes put Syrians in greater risk of harm by escalating war and bloodshed. Trump’s message to the Syrian people? Stay there, we’ll bomb you. Come here, we’ll ban you.

    Trump clearly has zero respect for the people of Syria, as his actions have put them at greater risk. We know he has zero respect for the rule of law, since these strikes are unconstitutional absent congressional authority. He also has zero strategy, evidenced by his Administration’s failure to articulate just how these strikes address the chemical weapons attack and what the plan is from here.

  2. Better to draw a line on the sand and dare them to cross it.
    Let the gassing continue until they, well, gas everybody.

    What do you support Fred, that is other than being a constant contrarian pain in the ass.

  3. International law condemns the production , storage and use of chemical weapons. So basically you support terrorism and the proliferation of chemical weapons. Very good Fred.

  4. This was the perfect “wag the dog” W.H. opportunity.
    And how many lives are being/ will be lost because of it?

  5. RT America has been showing clips of the people who claim to have been poisoned. They interviewed a young med student who was in the emergency room at the time the people were being brought in. The med student claimed that the people did not exhibit symptoms from a chemical poisoning. He said the symptoms they portrayed were from smoke inhalation. They were treating them for the smoke inhalation when suddenly a crowd of panicked family members who were told it was a chemical attack suddenly burst into the hospital and took over hosing down the victims. And that is the footage that most of America has been seeing on mainstream media.

    If anybody reading this has access to the television station called RT America, take a little time to check it out. You will see a whole different story. RT America can also be seen on YouTube. I have my doubts about what is being told to us by the MSM. Also, I think Trump reacted too quickly. Personally, I think the Stormy Daniels incident and the Muller probe, in Trump’s mind, needed some quieting in the media. What better way to do it than to put us all on the verge of a possible WWIII.

  6. Actually despite Trump and bad things the US has done …the UN security council so hates Russia and China everyone except Bolivia voted with us. That includes Kazakstan. And all the African countries. So not a true sovereign the Security council is the closest we have and they just said OK. So that is who and they just did.Though I must say I agree with the Secretary General I sadly think it’s wishful thinking.

  7. That said that the UNSC legitimise it. I think it was a stunt Trump did to divert from 30 years of recordings of Trumps crimes…..

  8. I have to blame Congress. It gave permission for Presidents to bomb anywhere they wanted when the would not add the Cambodia bombing to impeachment and passed the war powers act. Ted Luei is right today none of its Constitutional but Congress had been making itself irrelevant for some time now and any President has the green light to bomb. Carter said as much when he said he would have on if he had leveled Iran .

  9. This is a must read to understand more of what is happening in Syria. The US is contributing, once again, to the deaths of civilians. There is no plan in place to help Syrians who are suffering. Trump is doing this to avert attention from his misdeeds.
    Syrian Researcher: Focus on Alleged Chemical Attack Ignores War’s Ongoing Deaths by Airstrikes, Bullets

    As the United Nations Security Council holds an emergency session over the growing prospect of a war between Russia and the U.S., after President Trump threatened U.S. strikes in response to an alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma, we get response from Syrian-Canadian writer Yazan al-Saadi. “Let’s remind everyone that the U.S. is striking Syria already. You have more than 2,000 soldiers on the ground. There are bases.” He adds, “For me, as a Syrian, I see it as an occupation, just like how I see the Russians are an occupation on the country.” Regarding the alleged chemical attack in Syria, he says, “This ignores the fact that most deaths are happening through conventional means,” such as airstrikes…

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