Blue state Colorado joins the red state teacher revolt.

Teachers in Arizona last week wore red during a “walk-in,” preceding a possible walkout, to demand school funding. Colorado teachers plan to do the same on Monday. (Photo: @SenQuezada29/Twitter)

I suppose you have to call Colorado a blue state.

It voted for Hillary by 5 percentages points. It sent a Democrat to the Senate the same year.

Governor John Hickenlooper is a Democrat. Republicans narrowly control the state senate. Democrats control the state house of representatives.

But in 2017 Colorado passed a right-to-work law.

And tomorrow, Monday, the Red State Revolt comes to Colorado.

According to the National Education Association, Colorado ranks 46th in teacher pay with the average teacher making $46,000 a year. Some rural Colorado teachers make less than $30,000.

For comparison nearby Wyoming teachers make $58,000.

Englewood School District, outside the capital city, announced  on Sunday that schools would be closed the following day as 70 percent of its teachers had indicated they wouldn’t be working Monday. It was unclear on Sunday whether more school districts would be closing.

“We are calling Monday, April 16th a day of action,” Kerrie Dallman, president of the Colorado Education Association (CEA), told  KDVR in Denver.

The striking teachers are planning to wear red, as teachers in a number of other states have in recent weeks while rallying at their state capitols for higher pay, greater education funding, and an end to the corporate tax cuts that have caused school spending to fall by the wayside over the past decade.

Colorado will be the first blue state to join the Red State Teacher Revolt which is becoming a national teacher revolt.

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