When have U.S. missiles done anything for children?

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The missile assault by the lunatic Trump on Syria had barely ended when the right-wing anonymous trolls began sending comments to this blog.

There were dozens. Unsigned and with no email address.

Here is a typical one:

“You’re all about the kids . Chemical weapons used on kids in Syria. Allow it to continue? You can live with that Fred, but can the innocent children in Syria?”

I find arguing with the trolls is useless.

There would be no purpose in pointing out that the same innocent Syrian children that Trump is claiming to be saving are banned from entry into the United States on Trump’s orders.

There would be no purpose in claiming that international law does not permit the United States, France and the UK acting on their own as the world’s police.

Or that Trump’s actions more than likely did little more than provide the Russians with target practice at shooting down U.S. missiles.

What is only slightly, slightly more surprising is that the American Federation of Teachers President, Randi Weingarten was so quick to support Trumps missile attack on Syria.

What an alliance. My right-wing trolls and the union leader.

Also fast on the draw was the AFT’s Leo Casey who Tweeted:

“What I oppose is the moral & political hypocrisy that can ignore international law when innocent people are gassed but invoke it when gas depots are bombed.”

This was the same argument I had received from my anonymous trolls.

I responded that it was not for the United States – particularly lacking evidence – to be the policeman of the world. When I mentioned international law, the AFT’s Leo Casey reacted:

“If you actually believed in international law, you are a dollar short and a day late.”

I do actually believe in international law.

And unlike Mr. Casey,  I’m hoping it’s not too late or a dollar short.



7 thoughts on “When have U.S. missiles done anything for children?

  1. Weingarten & Casey (Clinton) love U.S. bombing of countries in order to save them. 6,000 Syrians already killed by U.S. missile attacks.

  2. I worry about the Syrians who are being killed. What are we doing to help them…nothing. We have 2,000 troops on the ground in Syria and most of the citizens there are being killed from the air.

    We cannot kill our way to peace. These people are desperate and more bombings are not a solution to a horrific problem. Trump allowed only 11 Syrians into this country. He does not care about them.

    Trump does not have a plan. He just wants to appear ‘more presidential’ and prove to his loyal sycophants that he is strong. There is no bravery in killing nor is there any cheering to be done for once again diverting the media. We are tired of a president who ‘governs’ by Twitter. He is not intelligent enough to have an informative press conference since journalists will prove there ‘is nothing upstairs’.

    1. Trying to divert attention from the chaos that surrounds him in Washington. He doesn’t give a hoot about the children of Syria. Everything he says he doesn’t mean. The most insincere person in America.

  3. Weingarten has hardly been out front and center advocating for children of Syria who are under attack on a daily basis. How many Syrian refugees have been given asylum in the US? Trump is apparently only concerned about chemical weapon attacks. The other Syrians killed seem not to matter. Where are the peace initiatives?

  4. Funny for Mr. Casey to tell you about being a dollar short & a day late.
    That’s the definition of the AFT (& NEA) leadership as per telling truth to power & protecting teachers…AND kids.
    Sorry, but rather than criticize you & the readers on this blog who agree with you as per the Syria issue, they’d best spend their time helping & speaking out for the people they’re paid to represent.
    What about the children here, in America, Randi & Leo?!
    (& some of our public school population should be including newly arrived Syrian refugees.) Where do the two of you stand on that issue?

  5. I am not a right wing troll and I am very mixed on this except I am clear we need to let in more refugees. I could go either way. I just don’t trust Trumps motives at all. But I can’t get to worked up about blowing up Syrian military targets or the AFT reaction. I did find myself in favor of the Chinese tariffs. So I am at 1 and a half on approval of anything Trump has done.

  6. But your mention of the bots has really raised my suspicion. There have been a lot of reports of increased Russian bot activity around the attack and the fact yours were all Trump supporters makes me very suspicious this was all some sort of ruse.

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