ISBE report: CPS special ed services “delayed and denied.”

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A special investigative team of the Illinois State Board of Education reported what special ed parents and teachers already knew: Services have been intentionally delayed and denied.

WBEZ reporter Sarah Karp – who has been on this story like a dog on a bone – summed up the report this way:

It’s important to start by saying that this type of inquiry by the state board of education is unprecedented. The state charged a panel of lawyers to do a very thorough investigation.

They collected more than 8,000 pages of documents and held community meetings and official hearings that included hours and hours of testimony.

The findings are very technical. Special education is complicated and dictated by many laws and rules.

But here’s the bottom line: For the most part, the state panel found systemic problems with the procedures put in place by Chicago Public Schools in the 2016-2017 school year. The panel said some of these new procedures, which are still in place this year, resulted in delays in support for kids or in some cases wrongful denials.

The inquiry team also found that the appeals system put in place for schools to ask for more help for their students was ineffective and led to even more delays and denials.

Here is the press conference held at the State of Illinois Thompson Center in Chicago prior to the ISBE meeting yesterday, Wednesday.

CEO Janice Jackson says she’s no longer using the connected consultants brought in by former Rahm fixer – CPS CEO, Forrest Claypool.

Karp’s reports pointed the finger at Claypool’s connected consultants as those who were mostly ignorant of special education needs and purposes but that created the delay and deny process.

Parents and school advocates remain vigilant.

Raise Your Hand, one such advocacy group posted:

“We are pleased to share that the IL State Board of Education (ISBE) special education panel agreed with the major assertions that 14 organizations made that CPS put in place systemic policies to delay and deny services to students since July 2016. The panel shared its findings at the ISBE board meeting today.

We now must ensure that ISBE puts strong remedies in place for corrective action. The Advocates groups (including RYH) are calling for a 5-year independent monitor to oversee special education and $10M in compensatory services, among other requests that would help ensure children and families receive necessary services.”

5 thoughts on “ISBE report: CPS special ed services “delayed and denied.”

  1. & this happened due to “…some of these new procedures…” What a crock.
    What federal guidelines for sp.ed.? (They are being changed by the DeLoss admin. as I type.) And let’s not forget the ILL-Annoy G.A. decimation of the $9K
    dedicated sp.ed. personnel funding–thrown into the general pot (thanks for the “new” revenue to fund schools w/your passage of SB 1!), to be improperly re-allocated, just as has been done in Chicago.

    And we are back to Square One, pre-P.L. 94-142 (1974).

  2. Parents must start putting accountability measurements upon the school systems to ensure their children with special needs are getting the special education services that are indicated in IEPs. Please feel free to use the Monthly Tracking Form via the following link and demand that it is referred to in the notes section of your child’s IEP, who is responsible for completing monthly and a copy of the form uploaded to the IEP.
    Click on “Forms: Strength-Based Learning Plan” at the bottom of the page.

  3. Also just received this important info.from the Learning Disabilities Assn.(L.D.A.):
    Update from O.S.E.R.S. (Office of Special Education & Rehabilitative Services (the U.S. Government agency/Federal Law)–
    “Update your I.D.E.A. bookmarks before April 30, 2018 at
    In 2 weeks, the outdated “Building the Legacy: Idea 2004” website will automatically redirect users to the NEW (my emphasis) Individuals w/Disabilities
    Act (IDEA) website (which is above).
    While the Legacy website will redirect users to the new siten 4/30, content from the Legacy website is available for reference on the new IDEA website’s
    Building the Legacy: IDEA 2004 HISTORICAL REFERENCE WEB PAGE.*
    (This is from the U.S. Dept. of Education)

    *Having seen such documents disappear in the past, I strongly recommend
    downloading “Building the Legacy: IDEA 2004” & printing a copy.

  4. Fred:

    The only important question is “How will this affect our rate of returns on Social Impact Bonds?”

    We were counting on that $9,100-per-kid payout. You know that every dollar you spend on giving a kid Special Ed services is one less dollar for us. We Masters of the Universe are NOT smiling.

    -Signed, J.B., Lloyd and Rahm


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