The strange love affair between Illinois pro-gun Congressman Rodney Davis and the IEA.

The IEA Representative Assembly is this weekend in Rosemont, Illinois. I am retired and no longer an IEA member, no longer a RA delegate (after being one for 20 years). I wrote this post February following the murders of students and teachers at Marjory Stone Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. It asks the RA to direct the IEA to stop political contributions to politicians like Rodney Davis (IEA endorsed) who receive money from the NRA. I understand that some delegates will propose this action. It would be a meaningful, rather than a symbolic, thing to do.

Fred Klonsky

untitled Pro-gun Republican Congressman Rodney Davis and past IEA President Cinda Klickna.

In the wake of the epidemic of school shootings in the United States I wonder how pro-gun, NRA-backed elected officials – particularly a Congressman – could also be endorsed by the Illinois Education Association.


There is Rodney Davis, a down state Republican Congressman who is the IEA’s poster boy for their  bipartisan endorsements and their requirement of electability as a criteria for receiving IEA and NEA PAC dollars.

In 2016 Davis won the NRA endorsement “for his consistently standing strong against President Obama’s and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s gun control agenda.”

That agenda included banning assault rifles like the one used to murder students and teachers at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Davis votes with Trump 95% of the time.

He is an anti-choice, anti-immigrant, anti-Affordable Care Act, pro-corporate tax cuts, Republican.

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One thought on “The strange love affair between Illinois pro-gun Congressman Rodney Davis and the IEA.

  1. Gee, & I thought the I.E.A. leadership had outdone themselves in not helping to find someone to primary Quinn in the last gubernatorial election cycle but, instead, gave $4 million to Rauner’s GOP primary challenger, Kirk Dillard, former ILL-Annoy Chairman of ALEC (& if any of you readers don’t yet know what ALEC is/stands for/has done to the working class, shame on you, & you’d better look it up). he DID step down as chairman for the contribution, but that means zilch.
    Good luck, RA delegates who make the proposal, & I hope it is voted on & passed.

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