Mother’s Day review of the week.

West Virginia anti-walkout Republican tossed out of office. The Intercept.


The week’s art work.



This week’s Hitting Left with the Klonsky brothers and guest Ra Joy.



This week’s Tweets.


Blog posts.

Happy constitution day!

NEA has 99 problems and Janus is just one of them.

I’m a dog lover, but marijuana laws are stupid and racist.

What gets lost each time a teacher retires.

The NEA collects dues in Brevard County.

State of Illinois takes control of CPS special ed services. Rahm must go.

Texas elementary Art teacher is fired for being Gay. The board’s story smells fishy.

One thought on “Mother’s Day review of the week.

  1. Subject: Christy Trout van Tatenhove

    Federal Judge van Tatenhove in Wieck v. Bevin, in bed with Bevin administration.

    Subject: Christy Trout van Tatenhove

    A tip lead me to follow this, and it checks out: Bevin appointed Christy Trout to be ABC (alcoholic beverage control) Commissioner in October 2016 (after abruptly firing previous Commish) – she had clerked for van Tatenhove previously – then there are all kinds of “happy couple” pictures with van Tatenhove on Trout’s FACEBOOK page, until the two are married on April 20, 2018. We filed November, 2016, and van Tatenhove decided against us September, 2017. All during deliberation, van Tatenhove is having an affair with a high Bevin official, the ABC Commissioner, who clerked for him, was seemingly his lover, and whom he eventually marries.

    This looks like a serious conflict while van Tatenhove is in the process of deciding our case: his lover/fiance/wife is high in the Bevin Administration, and van Tatenhove decides for Bevin, and against us.

    Doesn’t pass the smell test.


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