Trump, Pruitt and the EPA. There’s killer asbestos loose on north Michigan Avenue.

By Anne Lowry Klonsky


You  know those huge inflatable rats that are posted outside labor disputes? Well today I came across one at the Red Roof Inn. At the corner of St. Clair and Ontario.

Actually, there wasn’t just a rat.

There were two rats and a pig and a cat. And a sign that said “Danger Asbestos.” 

One of the carpenter union guys told me his story.

Red Roof has non-union workers sneak in after 3:30. That’s why Scabby the Rat is there.

 But there’s more to this story.  Those non-union workers are in a building where asbestos was uncovered and not handled properly. The EPA knows about this but is not doing anything, following orders from EPA Secretary Scott Pruitt and Donald Trump.

This means the City left to enforce environmental regulations.  

When I was at the site there was no activity going on, aside from the union guys out front.

Maybe the non-union guys are doing the asbestos abatement. But I somehow doubt it. 

And if they are, that’s not good either.

Red Roof Inn is at 800-733-7663.

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