Tim Mapes. Madigan’s creep.


Michael Madigan’s Chief of Staff Tim Mapes was fired by his patron late this afternoon after Sherri Garrett testified that Mapes was a serial harasser and abuser of women in the workplace.

Sherri Garrett is an Account technician and minutes clerk for the Speaker’s Office.

Think about that for a moment. Think about the courage it took for her to come forward and risk everything.

But think about this:

Tim Mapes is Madigan’s boy.

A powerful aide to the most powerful man in Springfield.

Mapes is not only Madigan’s Chief of Staff.

Mapes is Executive Director of the Illinois Democratic Party.

Mapes is Clerk of the Illinois House of Representatives and has been in the House as an unelected employee of the state since 1977.

Madigan was unaware of Mapes behavior?

No way.

Madigan has to go.

3 thoughts on “Tim Mapes. Madigan’s creep.

  1. He gets his GARS pension too. How ironic. Unless he is prosecuted. But Madigan must go . It’s a test for Pritzger.

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