A 2012 blog post about U.S. Steel South Works, the Steelworkers Union and Eddie Sadlowski.

Fred Klonsky

Alice Peurala and Harold Washington. Photo: Scott Marshall

A picture posted on Facebook of the late local steelworkers’ union leader Alice Peurala and the late Mayor Harold Washington took me back a few years.

In 1973 I had moved to Chicago from LA.

In those days 20% of all Big Steel production in the United States took place along Lake Michigan from 78th Street on the east side of Chicago to Burns Harbor in Indiana.

Out-of-towners and those who live on the north side don’t know there’s an east side of Chicago. But that is what the area far south, by the Indiana border is called.

in 1973 the Southworks collection of mills owned by US Steel had about 11,000 workers spread out over a dozen mills.

You could walk into the employment office with no previous experience and get a job that paid decent money. It was hard, dirty…

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One thought on “Southworks.

  1. Fred, as you know, I grew up in Cicero and as a member of a minority group, I was Irish. My best friends were an Italian, two Czechs, a Slovak, two Poles, and a German kid from the Balkans. Everyone I knew I knew by their nationality, that was the way you identified people then. Also Catholics and not-Catholics and Jews, you knew that about people too. And also who was in the Mob or was working for the Mob. What I mean is that I didn¹t know Konwerski, but I knew his cousin. Enjoy California, they could use our rain. Bob

    From: Fred Klonsky Reply-To: Fred Klonsky Date: Sunday, June 10, 2018 at 8:29 PM To: Bob Lyons Subject: [New post] Southworks. Fred Klonsky posted: “A 2012 blog post about U.S. Steel South Works, the Steelworkers Union and Eddie Sadlowski.”

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