Rahm’s priorities. Public schools? No. A billion dollar tunnel.


This morning we are home from a short vacation to L.A. to see friends and enjoy perfect Santa Monica weather.

An old friend lent his apartment to us for a few days.

The big transportation news from Santa Monica and Venice is motorized scooters that can be rented through an app.


The app tells you where they are (they are everywhere) and you can leave them where you are when you are done (they are left everywhere). The streets are full of young and old folks scooting around. If they were in Chicago they would be road kill.

Our flight came in at midnight and we caught a ride share home.

This morning I see in the paper that Rahm wants billionaire Elon Musk to build a tunnel from the Loop to O’Hare that would get people to the airport in 12 minutes.

One moment please.

I am currently reading Rus Bradburd’s All the Dreams We Dreamed: A Story of Hoops and Handguns on Chicago’s West Side.

Rus and Shawn Harrington, the real life protagonist of the book, will be our guests on Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers next June 22nd. Friday at 11am. 105.5fm Chicago. Streaming live at http://www.lumpenradio.com and podcast.

The book is riveting.

A sub-text of the story of Shawn Harrington, a coach at Chicago’s historic Marshall High School who was shot and paralyzed protecting his daughter and saving her life, is the neglect – the attempted destruction – of Chicago’s public schools by our mayor and mayor before him.

A non-fiction story that brought tears to my eyes.

Real tears on an airplane.

So when I read this morning about the agreement between Rahm and Elon Musk to build a billion dollar tunnel from the Loop to O’Hare I just can’t imagine.

What are the man’s priorities?

Who is this for?


One thought on “Rahm’s priorities. Public schools? No. A billion dollar tunnel.

  1. Exact same thoughts when I read this in the Sun-Times. More than ridiculous, it is outrageous.
    Although I can’t seem to find the paper now, I recall the article stating that, at the very worst, there are already massive tunnels & space below.
    Perhaps, then they could be used as future fallout shelters or as a public bunker should there be a wide-scale terrorist attack?
    Or–better still!–it could be used to house (& hide!) all the presently visible-thus-spoiling-the-tourist-&-wealthier-areas being displaced homeless & the newly homeless, driven out of their apartments by Ben Carson & their homes
    via the gentrification of Chicago.

    “Out of sight, out of mind…”

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