Dividing families is biblical.

5 thoughts on “Dividing families is biblical.

  1. Well, you certainly opened my nightmares for this evening. The faux halo adds a nicely twisted image of the Charon we’ll meet on the edge of River Styx. This, Fred, is not the country I grew up in and not the one my family bled to make.

    Be well, and happy birthday soon.


  2. The totally unfathomable is happening right now. Our country has fallen in the gutters. This must end NOW!

  3. Walmart closes stores due to efforts to unionize and re-opens as detention centers. A win-win! News doesn’t mention why the stores are closed, the family is taking our money one way or another.

    1. Sig:
      Just commented on Glen Brown’s blog that it is hard to believe government news (“Fake!”) that unemployment is down. As one choked-up clerk told us at Carson’s, “Where are we supposed to get new jobs? Everything’s closing…Sears, Toys ‘R’ Us, some Macy’s…”
      Oh, I know…maybe they’re moving to places where there are (“don’t call them detention centers”) detention centers (for-profit, of course: the new family separation/immigrant-industrial complex), where they can surely find employment. Perhaps we might ponder this new way to make money will help to stop school privatization, as this latest ploy is such a gold mine.

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