Fathers’ Day Sunday.

Fathers Day. Logan Square Farmers Market.


An article I’m posting for Fathers Day that I wrote for Jacobin in March of 2017.



The week’s art.



This week’s Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers with Joanna Klonsky and SEIU’s Greg Kelley.

IMG_5304 2


This week Twitter favorites.


Blog posts.

The cap on Illinois teacher’s salaries. Don Harmon and the Illinois General Assembly act like Janus.

So long Eddie. Our loss. Edward Eugene “Oil can” Sadlowski (September 10, 1938 – June 10, 2018).

In California primary, despite spending millions of dollars backing Villaraigosa, charter school backers get a smack down.

The Fifty-Year Plan: A mid-term report. June, 2018.

Talking is better than war.

 The nutty Trump trolls, the Korea agreement and Democrat cold-warriors.

Rahm’s priorities. Public schools? No. A billion dollar tunnel.

Keeping retirement real. “You’re no better than Scott Walker.”

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