In the wake of Janus, another comeback for Ben Velderman.


Quick review.

In 2011 Ben Velderman filed a Freedom of Information Request with my school district demanding all my work emails and the contents of my personnel file.

Which he got.

Velderman worked for a Michigan based group called the Education Action Group which was headed by a fool named Kyle Olson who spent his time traveling around the country denouncing a children’s book, Click, Clack, Moo. Cows that Type, as bolshevik propaganda.

Old news? Not really. EAG was a front group for the Mackinac Center, a stink tank funded by the DeVos family.

As you know, Betsy Devos now runs the Department of Education.

In the wake of the Janus decision by the Supreme Court the Mackinac Center has been very busy.

Union teachers all around the country have been receiving messages like this one in NY:


This campaign is paid for by the Mackinac Center and by Betsy DeVos.

Ben Velderman and EAG’s attempt to scare me and my fellow union leaders (I was not the only local Illinois president to be FOIAed) failed, of course.

Now their attack has the full backing of not only the millionaire DeVos family. Ben Velderman might as well be on the Supreme Court.

Don’t be shocked if he is on Trump’s short list to replace Anthony Kennedy.

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