Getting the Midwest wrong. How the Democrats lost to Trump.


Let us go back to the final weeks of the 2016 presidential election for a moment.

I mean, there has been a lot of that going on with folks blaming progressives who did nor didn’t vote for Clinton for everything Trump is doing. Since they’re not ready to move on quite yet, I can hang around it for a little longer.

Full disclosure. I held my nose and voted for Clinton.

Hillary lost because she lost in the midwest because the Democrats got the Midwest wrong.

Here is what The Hill reported at the time:

Everybody could see Hillary Clinton was cooked in Iowa. So when, a week-and-a-half out, the Service Employees International Union started hearing anxiety out of Michigan, union officials decided to reroute their volunteers, giving a desperate team on the ground around Detroit some hope.

They started prepping meals and organizing hotel rooms.

SEIU — which had wanted to go to Michigan from the beginning, but been ordered not to — dialed Clinton’s top campaign aides to tell them about the new plan. According to several people familiar with the call, Brooklyn was furious.

Turn that bus around, the Clinton team ordered SEIU. Those volunteers needed to stay in Iowa to fool Donald Trump into competing there, not drive to Michigan, where the Democrat’s models projected a 5-point win through the morning of Election Day.

Michigan organizers were shocked. It was the latest case of Brooklyn ignoring on-the-ground intel and pleas for help in a race that they felt slipping away at the end.

“They believed they were more experienced, which they were. They believed they were smarter, which they weren’t,” said Donnie Fowler, who was consulting for the Democratic National Committee during the final months of the campaign. “They believed they had better information, which they didn’t.”

Flip Michigan and leave the rest of the map, and Trump is still president-elect. But to people who worked in that state and others, how Clinton won the popular vote by 2.8 million votes and lost by 100,000 in states that could have made her president has everything to do with what happened in Michigan. Trump won the state despite getting 30,000 fewer votes than George W. Bush did when he lost it in 2004.

Other sources tell the same story.

Illinois Democratic Party Senator Tammy Duckworth and Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi did it again this week.

They got the Midwest wrong.


Duckworth spoke to CNN’s Jake Tapper in which she said that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s upset win in Queens against one of Pelosi’s best buds was based on a political platform that is “too far to the left” for voters in the Midwest.

Pelosi basically repeated the same thing.

These people lost Michigan by 11,000 votes to Donald Trump because they didn’t have a clue and didn’t trust the people who lived and worked there.

What the hell do they know about the Midwest?

4 thoughts on “Getting the Midwest wrong. How the Democrats lost to Trump.

  1. Several things all happened that led to Clinton losing the election. Taking the Midwest for granted was one of the things. The then-FBI director announcing re-opening a criminal probe of Clinton’s emails during the last couple of weeks before the election pushed Trump over the top. It literally threw the election. The announcement was made in the middle of the EARLY VOTING, and caused many voters to literally not vote for Clinton. A large number of voters who were going to vote for Clinton left the top of the ballot blank, not voting for either candidate. By the time the FBI said “nothing there, never mind”, it was too late. The early voting was done. I read the number of blank presidential ballots in Michigan was more then Trump’s margin over Clinton.
    Clinton could have still won the Midwest if she had listened to the people here, the FBI smear made it even more critical to add more resources to the campaigns in Michigan and Wisconsin. We are now stuck with Trump, and his Supreme court appointments who will be around for many decades to come.
    Trump is the worst president in US history, in so many ways.

  2. So what does that mean for the congressional race this fall? I am counting on the Democrats to take back at least the House. Bob

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    1. It means the leadership needs to stop going after the left and do better at going after Trump. Jesus. JB is only up by single digits and he should be killing Rauner. Why is Duckworth saying anything about Ocasio-Cortez other than words of support? Duckworth isn’t being challenged by a socialist. Nobody in Illinois is being challenged by a socialist. I wish they were. But these people Pelosi and Duckworth need to STFU or they are handing it to Trump like they did last time.

  3. Told an organization I support (in 2016) to spend more time in Wisconsin, but no one listened…It’s time to listen to the base, and also to get rid of the Superdelegate system. Time to stop looking down at progressives, and even telling them to drop out of political races in some states. Also, Senator Duckworth needs to support her fellow Democratic women, across the spectrum. Don’t disparage them on CNN, talk to them privately if you have an issue or disagree…better yet, be a mentor and a friend.

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