Christian Mitchell chosen to lead Illinois Democratic Party in “stepping away from the #MeToo scandal.”

Hideout june
That night at the Hide Out. Pic: Michael Klonsky

The announcement that State Representative Christian Mitchell has been chosen as interim head of the Illinois Democrats reminded me of that night four years ago at the Hide Out with Ben Joravsky and Mick Dumke.

Let Ben Joravsky tell what happened.

One of that show’s highlights came when Mitchell went at it with Fred “the Hammer” Klonsky. Not to be confused with Fred “the Hammer” Williamson, star of Adios Amigo and other great action flicks from the ’70s.

Not that anyone would normally confuse one Fred with the other, but just in case.

Klonsky is the retired suburban art teacher, Logan Square political activist, and education blogger who’s particularly outraged by Mitchell’s vote to cut teacher pensions.

Klonsky’s included.

In the questions-from-the-audience segment, Klonsky demanded that Mitchell explain that pension vote.

That debate will be hard to top. 

I bring this up as a brief reminder that while even I am hoping for a Democratic wave in November and the ousting of Bruce Rauner from the governor’s mansion, many of us do not forget that it was the Democrats that led the fight to gut public employee pensions with a bill Christian Mitchell actively endorsed and which was later ruled unconstitutional.

Many of us have not forgotten.

Just ask Elaine Nekritz (gone), Daniel Biss (gone) and Pat Quinn (gone).

According to Illinois Sunshine, the pro-charter Stand for Children still leads in contributions to Mitchell.

Even pro-charter blogger Peter Cunningham (who lives nowhere near Mitchell’s south side district) is a small donor to Mitchell.

Don’t be surprised that the IEA also gives Mitchell some small change. However, the IEA’s PAC donations remain mysterious. The IEA and the NEA continue to refuse to withdraw PAC dollars from politicians like Congressman Rodney Davis backed by the National Rifle Association.

Has Mitchell been appointed as temporary replacement for Tim Mapes – who recently ran the party – in order to clean house of abusers of women or to sweep it all under the rug?

Mapes was ousted after being outed by Sherri Garrett, a longtime speaker’s office employee, because of Mape’s history of harassment and bullying.

Garrett’s exposure of Mapes brought the #MeToo movement right into Democratic Speaker Michael Madigan’s office.

Mitchell’s job?

Make it go away.

Reports the Sun-Times:

A South Side lawmaker will serve as the interim executive director of the Democratic Party of Illinois as the party tries to take back control of the governor’s office — and to step away from a #MeToo scandal that led to the ousting of Tim Mapes last month.

Nope. No stepping away.

9 thoughts on “Christian Mitchell chosen to lead Illinois Democratic Party in “stepping away from the #MeToo scandal.”

  1. I just sent this and it disappeared? I’m sure you can find the original with my comments somewhere. Carol


    Here are the most expensive gubernatorial races in terms of ad spending, per Advertising Analytics. The numbers are for both the primaries and general election.
    IL GOV: $76.0 million
    FL GOV: $41.8 million
    TN GOV: $21.2 million
    GA GOV: $16.0 million
    MI GOV: $13.7 million
    NV GOV: $13.6 million
    OH GOV: $12.9 million
    PA GOV: $11.0 million
    ID GOV: $6.1 million

      1. I made derogatory comments about how Illinois wastes so much money on electing one of the worst governors in the country. I clicked and it was totally gone. Thanks for getting back to me.

  2. & I believe that Mitchell had a hand (was he a co-sponsor of SB 1 school bill? I have to look this up if you don’t know, Fred) in the really not-so-great school “equity” “funding” (yeah, it’s being funded with $$$ taken from special ed. & about 25 other decimated education programs; ILL-Annoy would need a progressive tax to properly fund this SB 1 {which, of course, led to the onerous HB 1947–“Tax Credits,” whereby persons donating to schools…public OR private..would receive “credits,” in effect, stealing even more taxpayer $$$ from public schools}).

    So, this goes beyond #me,too. Just like, nationally, the DNC recently kiboshed a chunk of their progressive platform; they’re now supporting TPP & fracking.
    (Well, they do have to please their corporate donors now, don’t they?) You’ll
    have to read this–it was reported, recently, by Common Dreams.
    Which is why it will be a shame if/when Keith Ellison leaves Congress to run for MN A.G. An important progressive voice lost.

  3. Oh, & about the Haiti Tweet: just a matter of time before general strike is broken up (protesters jailed or killed in large #s) by always dysfunctional “leadership” there.
    Coming soon to a country nearer to us!!

  4. Might be interesting to see how many sb 1 yes votes are still around and if any of them advanced. Raoule is the only one that I know moved up the ladder.

    1. You’re referring to SB 1 the pension-busting bill, David, or the SB 1 Evidence-Based School Funding bill passed this past year?

  5. Answered my question–yes, Rep. Mitchell signed on as a co-sponsor for SB 1–Evidence Based School Funding, 100th General Assembly.
    Which, again, is (barely) funded only through monies taken from special ed. & other programs. Just. so. WRONG.

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