Snoop, the barber.

5 thoughts on “Snoop, the barber.

  1. The body-cam ought to be interesting. I’ll bet Rahm has seen it. Remember Rahm promised us transparency. I wonder how transparent that video will be this time?

  2. We seem to have a problem beyond racial. Did you see the the bodycam from Georgia? Two women cops flippef coins on how to screw with a young white woman amd there was tge false arrest of Stormy Daniels by some cops who did not quite scrub their social media in time. I am really thinking this is one job that should not be unionized.

  3. Fred, he had a gun on his belt and he certainly appeared to have reached for it when the police shot him. That was in the video and as seen in freeze frame.

    1. Bob,
      You seem reach the conclusion of justification when even the police have not done that yet based on seconds of a video with no audio. We have no knowledge of the context. What happened before the interaction between Augustus and the police and the shooting by the probationary officer? Why was he even being approached?
      I watched a similar situation right in front of my house between four CPD officers and a man who was much more aggressive than anything you see in the video and where the entire effort was to de-escalate the situation. And nobody was hurt.

  4. Fred, you are saying something about justification. Did you see the gun? Did you see
    him appear to reach for it? That is all that I wrote.
    On the other hand did you see President Trump basically thank Putin for making him
    President. For the first time I think he finally did something and said something that is going to cost him a significant part of his base.

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