Russia, NRA, Rodney Davis and the IEA?

Following the killings of teachers and students at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland it seemed a simple proposition.

Political candidates that receive money from the National Rifle Association shouldn’t receive campaign funds from teacher unions.

The NRA is an extremist organization that opposes any controls over gun ownership.

A proposal at the state convention, the Representative Assembly, of the Illinois Education Association calling for ending the practice of funding pro-NRA politicians failed.

A similar proposal at the national meeting of the National Education Association also failed.

Springfield Congressman Rodney Davis is the poster boy for being pro-NRA and getting the endorsement of the IEA.

Leaders of the IEA and NEA claim that such a ban on political action money to pro-NRA politicians would be imposing some kind of litmus test that would tie the hands of the organization.

That is exactly right.

That is exactly what it is intended to do.

Rodney Davis is one of the two main recipients of NRA dollars in Illinois.

Area congressmen John Shimkus and Rodney Davis are the top recipients in Illinois of money from the National Rifle Association, according to an analysis by the group, which tracks federal campaign spending in politics.

Now it appears that the NRA is also a conduit for Russian money to American political campaigns.

Wouldn’t it be funny if the IEA and the Russians were both sources of campaign funds to Rodney Davis?


3 thoughts on “Russia, NRA, Rodney Davis and the IEA?

  1. Enjoyed your article. Question: If Rodney generally, i.e., a high % of the time, supports the issues of concern to teachers (I don’t recall his voting record on your issues), can you kindly explain why it’s a problem that he receives money from the NRA while also getting IEA/NEA support via an endorsement? Is it not possible to receive NRA money and still be your organization’s ally?

    1. What defines issues of concern to teachers? The IEA and the NEA have a legislative program that is adopted at the state and national meetings that has a long list of issues that the union supports and opposes. So, to me, it boils down to this. At THIS time and in THIS place, how important is the issue of gun violence when mass school shootings have become commonplace? Republican Rodney Davis, a Springfield congressman may be supportive of what a few of what I would call narrow education issues. But he also just sponsored a federal farm bill that throws thousands of poor people off of food assistance. Is that an issue of concern to teachers? It is to this teacher. So I would argue that gun violence and the NRA’s opposition to ANY common sense gun restrictions is a litmus test in order to receive political action money from the teachers union. At certain times certain issues rise above others.

  2. Teacher Unions should under no conditions support politicians who receive NRA contributions. The lives of our children should be a top priority for teachers. Teachers and other school employees are also at great risk in the loosely controlled gun environment. Mass school shootings have become common place and most of our legislators have little more than thoughts and prayers to offer.

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