The shortage of values is in City Hall.


Adam Shortlidge is the Art teacher at Darwin elementary school down the street from my house.

He posted on my FB page about this past weekend’s carnage in Chicago.

” Horrible…former student from Darwin was one of them.”

In the most corrupt city in America, our Mayor blames shortage of values for the deaths on our streets.

Whose shortage of values?

Not every neighborhood, he says. “We are a better city.”

Did the victims have a shortage of values? So many victims that Mount Sinai, the hospital on the west side, with their ER filled with wounded, so many wounded that they called in all their staff and finally had to turn the incoming away and send them to other hospitals to be treated.

Like it was a plane crash or a terror attack.

Their values?

Perhaps he meant the values of the families struggling on the west and south sides?

Those who are still jobless in a period of official record low unemployment and economic recovery.

Maybe the Mayor meant the values of the families whose neighborhood schools have been closed.

Did he mean the values of those whose neighborhood mental health clinics he has closed?

In our neighborhood, the local churches and community groups have been collecting signatures for the November ballot so we can have the right to tax ourselves extra to reopen our now-closed mental health center.

The center he closed.

Our values?

Perhaps after next April, the Mayor will have time to contemplate the nature of values. He may even have the time to write a book about it.

Lots of time.




2 thoughts on “The shortage of values is in City Hall.

  1. ……..or maybe he was talking about the values attached to his reasoning when he decided to hide the Laquan McDonald video from the voters until after his last election run. Or he may have been thinking about the values attached to his taking TIF money from where it’s really needed and putting that money to good use on some of his pet projects, like the South Loop Basket Ball Stadium which could be used by cash strapped institutions like De Paul University. If only the rest of Chicago could inherit a little bit of Rahm’s logic and compassion, we might have a more productive and less violent city.

  2. Isn’t loyalty wonderful! Illinois farmers are loosing their shirts but are still not blaming Trump. I believe it’s only the corporate farmers who will get the $12 billion bailout.
    Trump’s Tariffs Are Screwing [Illinois] Farmers. Many Still Won’t Blame Him.

    ….HuffPost talked to eight grain farmers in the region, which overwhelmingly voted for Trump in 2016, and we asked them how his tariffs have affected their business. Nearly all had the same response: They fear economic ruin if Trump doesn’t resolve the situation soon, but they won’t criticize him for causing an international rift that threatens their livelihoods…


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