A most disgusting act by those in charge of a city that makes it hard to be any more disgusted.

ct-met-bait-truck-controversy-20180808The Mayor of Chicago lectured its citizens on their lack of values.

We suffer, he said, from a deficiency of spirituality.

Actually, he was specifically referring to the citizens of Chicago’s south and west side.

Yet the Mayor and his police superintendent, in an act of profound spirituality, park a truck full of Nikes, purposefully unguarded, next to an Englewood playground where kids are playing basketball.

The purpose. Entrapment. A bait truck.

An effin bait truck parked in front of a playground to sting kids and adults in Englewood.

So, when David King, 36, who is deaf,  was arrested as part of “Operation Trailer Trap” on August 2,  he told police via sign language that he entered the trailer hoping food was inside because, well, he was hungry.

Where are his values?

CPD is working this sting in cahoots with Northfork Southern Railroad which says they are trying to stop break-ins of their railroad cars.

The nearest Northfork rail yard is a mile from the park.

Reacting to this past weekend’s gun blood bath, Rahm and Superintendent Eddie Johnson said they would flood high crime neighborhoods with hundreds of cops.

There is no evidence that these kind of short-term stunts do much to curb gun violence anyway, since cops can only act after the fact.

And that is another Chicago problem altogether.

Unless they are too busy doing sting operations aimed at teenagers playing basketball on the south side.

And trapping a hungry, deaf guy.

By the way, if a kid is playing basketball take a guess what they’re not doing.

Unless you try entrapping them.

So the Mayor’s idea of spirituality is to get more kids into the criminal justice system.

15th Ward Alderman Raymond Lopez doesn’t seem to have a problem with bait trucks. Instead he thinks that kind of operation should be left to the private sector. “I think CPD has enough issues going on in our communities not to have to resort to bait cars. Leave that to the railroad police,” Lopez told reporters.

I think Alderman Lopez is missing the point.

Meanwhile 6th Ward Alderman Roderick T. Sawyer called out the Chicago Police and the Norfolk Southern Railroad for the joint operation.

“This bait truck operation is an unacceptable and inappropriate use of police resources,” Sawyer said in a statement. “In a moment where police capacity is clearly under extreme strain, these sort of tactics are the last thing we should be spending manpower and energy on.”

With nearly 80 gun shootings in the last five days, I’m not sure it is  mainly the police who are feeling the strain.

Still, at least Alderman Sawyer wants this stuff to stop.

And no more values lectures from the current Mayor, please.



2 thoughts on “A most disgusting act by those in charge of a city that makes it hard to be any more disgusted.

  1. I first saw this story on RT America, on a show called “Watching the Hawks”. RT or RT America is the Russian TV station that broadcasts on some cable stations here in America. Almost all of the RT stories can be seen on YouTube if you don’t get them on cable. What a stupid, child-like idea.

    If anything good comes from this stupidity, I hope it helps portray the mayor as the phony, corporate butt-kissing, incompetent simpleton that he truly is. Perhaps it’s politically strategic moves like this that will help him experience defeat in the next mayoral contest.

  2. This is an example of plucking the lowest hanging fruit.

    #baiting children is way low…How low will we go?

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