A letter to send to your Illinois legislators supporting the repeal of the teacher salary cap.

Dear Representative _______________________ and Senator_________________________,

I hope this note finds you both well and enjoying some break from the Springfield maelstrom for a brief moment.

I am writing about SB3622, the proposed bill that would rescind the cap on collectively bargained pensionable salary increases to 3%, or to shift the cost of pensions to cash-strapped school districts.

The legislative salary cap is a bad idea as it handcuffs local districts from negotiating in good faith.

It also ignores salary lane jumps, especially for older teachers who are taking on additional stipends or making educational gains in their specific degree advancements prior to retirement.

In addition, the Illinois pension law already prevents spiking after 2006.

Finally, it does what current Governor Rauner has always wanted to do:  Block the public unions from negotiating collectively by placing such constraints on them in advance, regardless of local needs and conditions, district by district and local by local.

Janus was one attempt to kill collective bargaining. Legislative enforced limits on the scope of bargaining salaries is another.

I would like to see your name as a co-sponsor.


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