5 thoughts on “Sorry.

  1. Sorry is more than right!

    So many citizens of Illinois have been left in a sorry condition due to this man’s incredible ineptitude.

    I just listened to J.B. Pritzker describe his own experience with the stigma of having to with his own Mother’s Addiction to alcohol…I can personally relate to his experience…as I put a cork in the bottle 36 years ago…I am one of the very lucky people who was somehow able to arrest this disease…although I am always aware it could kick my ass tomorrow.

    I’m sure there are genetic components underlying this currently poorly understood disease?

    I don’t know the man and am not a sock puppet for him…but he secured my vote by simply sounding rational and compassionate…a rarity in today’s political arena.

    I don’t trust politicians as a rule…but…I was moved by his sincerity and clarity on our States responsibility to treat those persons suffering from this life reducing disease.

    I think he’s a big man with a big heart…and I’ll take a big heart over any other qualification or plan!

    A big heart always leads the way to any righteous solution.

    Call me snowflake or liberal…or any other name you choose.

    I know one thing for sure…Rauner was born with a hole in his heart…and now he wants our sympathy?

    Three budget years too late and billions of dollars short!

    Rauner wants us to feel his pain?

    I have absolutely zero sympathy for his pretend plight.

    November is coming…and right soon.

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