Indelible into the hippocampus is the laughter.

28 thoughts on “Indelible into the hippocampus is the laughter.

  1. Fred,
    Friend is an employment attorney so this kind of crap is in his wheelhouse and he’s been at it a while.
    there is no doubt the good dr. suffered a trauma. it was 35 years. my friend says in his experience folks cannot remember detail after 1 or 2 years, that couple with the fact that there is absolutely no corroborative evidence of any kind sheds a great deal of doubt on the specifics. Of course that does not fit the agenda, so let’s go!!

    By the way, i suppose you did not see the honorable joe bidenn, chairman of the judiciary committee, in the anita hill fiasco did you. It’s an old C Span clip basically attacking the usefulness of any fbi investigation in these instances because all they do is talk to people in return for remaining anonymous. I suppose that would be useful today though.
    The hypocrisy never ceases to amaze even the dim wits among us.

    1. Anony: Oh, & I suppose “your friend…an employment attorney” is a psychologist, psychiatrist & an m.d., as well.

      Right, lawyers & legislators (a large # of whom are lawyers) know EVERYTHING.

      & Fred never mentioned Biden. Would that he did, he might agree w/you (as I do) in your assessment.
      Everything about the Anita Hill situation–especially w/the conclusion being the confirmation of Clarence (sorry, I will not call him Justice Thomas here)–stinks to high heaven.
      As shameful on the Dem side, as well.

      That having been said, this is the situation NOW, & there must be an F.B.I. investigation.
      And NO confirmation, period.

  2. I am sickened by this charade …The most credible witness I’ve ever seen/heard give unassailable testimony is Christine Blasey Ford…and now the Republicans are portraying Kavanaugh as the victim…?

    The Reality Show continues…I fear there is no stopping this slow rolling Corporate Coup.

    All of these politicians appear as political prostitutes?

    We live in a dumbed down perilous time…I fear.

    I believe these bastards will confirm Kavanaugh at all costs…I hope I am terribly wrong.

  3. If Kavanaugh is installed tomorrow…Trump will control all three branches of our government!

    President 4 Life?

    This is called a bloodless coup…?

    Resist!…by any means necessary!

    Resist like Democracy depends on it.

  4. Kavanaugh showed everyone today…what a narcissist looks like with the mask of sanity removed.

    What is the similarity between a sociopath , psychopath, and a malignant narcissist?

    They all seek out each other’s company?…just like water seems it’s own level!I

    We are in Danger of losing what’s left of our Democracy.

    I know I am not alone in my despair.

    I know I am speaking to the choir…What can we,as Citizens,do?

    Resist with courage!

    Good luck to us all!

    Now is the time for all freedom loving people to come to the aid of our Country.

    Kavanaugh is laughing in our faces!I

    All of these political whores who prostitute themselves for mammon will continue to enjoy their entitled positions…as they install MadMen who will seek to further subjugate those who dare oppose them.

    By any means necessary…is necessary.

  5. Even the American Bar Association says that the Kavanaugh confirmation needs to wait until there has been an FBI investigation. Does the GOP know more about justice than the ABA? Think not.

    The American Bar Association called for delaying a confirmation vote until an F.B.I. investigation could be completed. The association previously rated Kavanaugh as “well qualified.” It now says that “the rule of law and due process” demand a delay.

  6. This was an absolute smear campaign plain and simple. It was a disgusting display on the part of the Democrats. Pure and downright dirty partisan politics intended to delay the confirmation and it is ruining a good mans reputation. I thought you liberals are all about innocent until proving guilt? He was investigated by the FBI on 6 different occasions. What on earth do you think they would find on the seventh investigation? There is zero corroborating evidence. Hopefully people see right through this bullshit when it comes election time and realize the Democratic Party are a bunch of idiots.

    1. Did you read my comment? The American Bar Association is NOW calling for a delay in the confirmation. The ABA is demanding an FBI investigation. Oh my goodness. The L has taken over the ABA and is now ruining a good man’s life. BS

      “The American Bar Association called for delaying a confirmation vote until an F.B.I. investigation could be completed. The association previously rated Kavanaugh as “well qualified.” It now says that “the rule of law and due process” demand a delay.”

  7. I have not chimed in on this but here goes. NOBODY can tell how a justice will vote.Liberals damn a person for being Conservative, likewise the opposite.Petty politicians maneuver in the course of being right and get rich filling campaign coffers by those whose cause they champion. How aghast were some folks when Earl Warren was appointed. After all he signed the evacuation orders sending Japanese Americans to the camps. Then he horrified others by sending Black Kids into your schools, who knew?

  8. Liberal …Conservative…Independent… are all labels that have little actual meaning .

    i refuse to be limited by any label.

    I believe I am speaking for our common belief in the concepts of Liberty and Democracy.

    I believe every person on Planet Earth deserves to be free.

    Who can argue that belief?

    Who among us does not believe in freedom for all?

    1. You just proved kavanaugh’s point. He deserves to be free because there is a presumption of innocence. You contradict yourself on every other post. On one hand you preach freedom, on the you say he’s guilty.

      1. To be free? He’s a white man in America. I’m not a jury and he’s not on trial. He’s a drunk and an abuser and I say he’s guilty as sin

  9. The American Bar Association called for delaying a confirmation vote until an F.B.I. investigation could be completed. – CAROLMALAYSIA

    What do Lawyers know about law?

    Every person who believes in the rule of law must insist on a proper investigation of the claims and accusations of every person relevant to this matter…as a matter of course.

    This is not normal…let’s not let them tell us this is “the new normal” any longer…or we will lose all sense of normal and slide into Tyranny…as is their wont.

    Have we not witnessed these same tactics before?

    If we have not learned from History…I fear we face doom.

    Hyperbolic?…extreme…exaggeration…I think not!

    Every honest person who listened to and watched yesterday’s testimony knows the actual truth…100%

    The people who believe Kavanaugh do so on behalf of their own greedy and biased political agenda…and not their honest opinion…honestly!

    Kavanaugh showed his bite…and everyone saw it.

    This man is unfit to sit on any Court…and everyone who is honest know that to be the truth.

  10. Kavanaugh has said that “settled law” issues can be re-opened, modified, or reversed. Things like Roe v Wade, right to remain silent, and immigration issues. With Kavanaugh on the court, Trump could require that undocumented students could be refused enrollment in k-12. Previously the supreme court ruled school districts have to enroll any child that lived in their district, documented or not. That could change and other bad things could then follow, schools losing federal money if they are found to have undocumented students, or even letting ICE use school records to find and deport undocumented parents. Kavanaugh needs to NOT be confirmed.

  11. So when the FBI comes up with zilch, nada, nothing as evidence that it happened are you going to stomp your feet, stop traffic and protest in a hissy fit ? I say you will. I’d have felt sorry for your mom having to deal with your tantrums as a kid, but then again, she raised you and got what she deserved.

    1. My dear mother has been dead these past 40 years, but thank you for thinking of her. As for the FBI, I never asked them to do anything. You’re confusing me with Dick Durbin. I believe Dr. Ford.

  12. Trump realized Kavanaugh’s guilty performance points a finger directly back at himself?

    I now believe Trump will dump Kavanaugh quicker than a kid running home with the green apple quick step!

    Hip Hip Hooray!

    Kavanaugh is home weepily boofing beer?…look it up in the urban dictionary?

    It looks creepy and potentially dangerous to me…boofing looks like a two man job?…I wouldn’t know…Maybe Mark Judge knows?

    What an ongoing roller coaster they have us on ,eh?

    I’m tired out from simply observing…I’m forced to wonder how Brett Kavanaugh feels in his pampered tummy…now?

    Would you let this dude coach your Daughter?

    No answer required…purely rhetorical is my question…I believe the answer is quite obvious.

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