The face of patriarchy and power when challenged.

13 thoughts on “The face of patriarchy and power when challenged.

  1. The American Bar Association had Kavanaugh concerns 12 years ago. Republicans dismissed those, too.
    September 28, 2018

    But in May 2006, as Republicans hoped to finally push Kavanaugh’s nomination across the finish line, the ABA downgraded its endorsement.
    The group’s judicial investigator had recently interviewed dozens of lawyers, judges and others who had worked with Kavanaugh, the ABA announced at the time, and some of them raised red flags about “his professional experience and the question of his freedom from bias and open-mindedness.”
    “One interviewee remained concerned about the nominee’s ability to be balanced and fair should he assume a federal judgeship,” the ABA committee chairman wrote to senators in 2006. “Another interviewee echoed essentially the same thoughts: ‘(He is) immovable and very stubborn and frustrating to deal with on some issues.”
    A particular judge had told the ABA that Kavanaugh had been “sanctimonious” during an oral argument in court. Several lawyers considered him inexperienced, and one said he “dissembled” in the courtroom.
    The reviews weren’t all bad.
    In the end, the ABA committee weighed Kavanaugh’s “solid reputation for integrity, intellectual capacity, and writing and analytical ability” against “concern over whether this nominee is so insulated that he will be unable to judge fairly in the future.” In a split vote, they downgraded their rating of the nominee to simply “qualified” — meaning he met the ABA’s standards to become a judge, but was not necessarily an outstanding candidate.
    A day after the ABA lowered it rating, the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee called Kavanaugh to return and sit before them, and argued about how seriously the ABA’s concerns should be taken.
    “They cannot be dismissed, as some of my colleagues suggest, as merely intemperate rants by Democrats on the Committee,” Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) argued. “Predictably, of course, some are already launching a campaign to denigrate the ABA.”
    Some did accuse the ABA of bias. Other Republicans dismissed the warnings, and noted the group still found Kavanaugh to be qualified, overall.
    “Based on your going through that experience, would you recommend that we continue to consult the ABA when it comes to judges?” Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) asked Kavanaugh, who laughed and declined to answer.
    Two days after the hearing, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to recommend Kavanaugh’s nomination along party lines. The full Senate did much the same later that month — and so Kavanaugh finally became a member of the bench…

  2. The era of White Male Dominance is in jeopardy…that said…I fear the reaction of a wounded animal!…but…like a mortally wounded animal…the end result will be the same.

    The time of “Women will be Women” is upon us …and I say nothing but good can come from our imbalanced culture returning to its natural balance.

    “I heard the Mothers are gonna tear your Kingdom down”- Shirley Caesar… “Satan Were Gonna tear your Kingdom Down”…!

    I’m not a religious man…but I listen to this Gospel song every day for inspiration…and it never fails to send chills down my spine…it seems prescient in a way only a listen can explain…Music goes to a place beyond mere words…and the painful cry in her voice and the resonant history behind that pain can only be felt in the human heart…and heart is what will defeat The DownPresserMen…Yes it will!

    Oh, Yes it will!…and right soon.

    Onward!… with courage!

  3. This man exemplifies White Man entitlement…His tears were tears of a raging little boy denied his way…it’s that simple…His gingival smile revealed his narcissistic desire to bite…anyone who defies his arrested narcissistic self-entitled desires.

    This man/boy is suffering from arrested development due to the disease of Addiction.

    Part of his brain/personality seems not to have developed/advanced since the time he attended High School!

    His nearly constant and repeated references to alcohol during his stressful testimony reveal his dependence on alcohol.

    Would he make life changing Supreme Court decisions..while intoxicated?

    Should any person suffering from the disease of Addiction ( with the attendant mal-adaptive personality disorders co-morbid with this disease) sit on any Court?…is a question that answers itself?

  4. Anyone who didn’t believe Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony didn’t hear it?…or…didn’t want to!

    Anyone who believed Brett the Boofer wanted to!…or…is just like him?

  5. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford Testifies Against Brett Kavanaugh | The Daily Show
    The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
    Published on Sep 27, 2018
    Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testifies about her sexual assault allegation against Brett Kavanaugh, and the SCOTUS nominee loses his cool when it’s his turn to be questioned.

  6. I like Trevor Noah!…thanks for posting this video!…I missed it on the T.V.

    I’m 66 years old and writing T.V. always makes me think of Frank Zappa’s Green Slime from the T.V. lyric…It’s only gotten more slimy…but…and again, I know I’m preaching to the choir.

  7. There goes the supreme court for decades! Trump can now do anything and get away with it, because any legal actions against Trump will be appealed to the supreme court. The new lifetime appointee is a confirmed violent alky and serial rapist since high school. He does not hesitate to make politics the factor of his rulings, he will twist the constitution to fit the Trump/Republicans political agenda. Total lack of integrity, committing perjury, and contempt for a legal senate process confirmed what we already suspected about him. He lied under oath, belongs in jail, but he had no worries about it. If he was held accountable, Trump would have simply pardoned him. So he lied and lied and lied. He would say anything to get confirmed, and he did. How could Senator Collins, and every Republican Senator fall for it? Were they somehow threatened?

  8. Were they somehow threatened? – Anonymous

    That is a question I have asked myself repeatedly.

    I’m glad I’m not the only person wondering the same possibility.

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