Post card from Apulia.


We have planned this trip to Apulia for nearly a year.

I never would have guessed that we would have been gone during what would be a fairly historic week back home.

Apulia, Puglia in English, is the heel of the boot of Italy.

It has towns with names like Bari, Lecce, Otronto and Monopoli.

They make pasta called Orrechette.

They invented Burrata cheese.

They make incredible extra virgin olive oil.

Unlike past trips to Europe, politics is rarely discussed.

Nobody asks us about Trump.

Either out of politeness or lack of interest.

It is so different from a trip we took back in 2008 when an Obama button on a backpack would get us warm greetings and the best service in Spanish hotels.

We are here for the history, the architecture, the beauty of the countryside, the food and the people. We are not here to discuss American politics.

Besides, the people of Puglia have their own problems. The south of Italy is poor and has been poor for centuries.

Things have been made even tougher with the growth of globalization and by what many here think is the results of a European Union that favors international banks, the economic power of Germany and France all at the expense of the European South.

But I am not an international economist.

We are tourists here for a few weeks and the place is fantastic.

Although I do check the internet too frequently.

2 thoughts on “Post card from Apulia.

  1. Fred, did you know that Washington School in D64 was named a Blue Ribbon School last Monday by the Department of Education? Only 24 schools in Illinois received this distinction. Yet, most of Washington’s teachers who were evaluated last year only received a “Proficient” rating. Obviously the evaluation system in D64 is bogus, biased, or both.

  2. The Internet will still be here when you return from your vacation,Mr. Klonsky.

    Enjoy being in the beautiful moment if you can…you deserve it!

    There will be time to worry about tomorrow tomorrow.

    I’ll tell you what my Wife tells me…take some time for yourself!

    You have done much more than your share of worrying.

    Turn off the machine…and take a deep breath.

    I hope my unsolicited advice isn’t unwelcome…and I know how hard it can be to tune out for awhile…but life is short…so please enjoy the wine and cheese!

    Somehow, I feel better knowing of someone who is having a pleasant vacation…and I’ll bet a cup of coffee I’m not alone?

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