If the Repugs hold the House today, you can in part thank the NEA and the IEA.

I don’t have much influence in Illinois’ 12th Congressional District.

It is in the most southern part of the state.

Closer to Jackson, Mississippi than it is to Chicago.

12th CD readers of my blog: Wave if you can see me!

But Trump has been so awful that even in 12th CD, the Democrats have a shot to win the congressional seat. One poll has Democrat Brendan Kelly within the margin of error. Another has Kelly and Republican Mike Bost only a percentage point apart.

So, who is the National Education and the Illinois Education Association supporting?

Kelly? No. They are supporting Mike Bost.

He has a 98% pro-Trump voting record.

Today’s Politico.

There are different definitions of what exactly constitutes downstate Illinois, but it generally means everything south of the Chicago metro area. It’s a far more conservative place than Chicagoland and this year there are two GOP House members there, Reps. Mike Bost and Rodney Davis, who are in tough reelection campaigns. This is the part of a very blue state where President Donald Trump remains somewhat popular, so he’s come to the region at least twice in recent months to bolster their chances.

Complicating their predicament, however, is Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner. He’s on a trajectory to lose to Democrat J.B. Pritzker by a wide margin, and a poor GOP performance in southern Illinois at the top of the ticket could play a role in dragging down Bost and Davis, not to mention the Republican slate of state legislative candidates.

That would only compound Republican problems in Illinois: In the Chicago suburbs and exurbs, there are two more Republican House incumbents who are in even more serious danger — Reps. Randy Hultgren and Peter Roskam, who are contending with blowback from Trump’s polarizing presidency.

Bost is one of a handful of Republican Trump supporters that the NEA is endorsing.

If the Repugs hold on to the House tonight. . .


13 thoughts on “If the Repugs hold the House today, you can in part thank the NEA and the IEA.

    1. The endorsement process in the IEA and the NEA is corrupt and fundamentally undemocratic. As a member for 30 years I battled it. But it is part and parcel of the lack of democracy in the NEA/IEA and many unions. The leadership live lives very different from the lives of the rank and file and are easily bribed and compromised, figuratively and literally. That’s why I try to focus on these examples. Or their past endorsements of the gun-loving Congressman Rodney Davis from Springfield (he was a fave of former IEA prez Cinda Klickna), or their endorsement of Mark Kirk and Kurt Dillard who headed the state branch of the pro-business ALEC.

  1. Nuthin’ but another grifter giving his best shot at a rehearsed performance.

    I’ll bet a cup of coffee that watching Bost rehearse his “Angry DefenderMan of the People” tirade in the bathroom was a hoot!

    Mr.Bost goes to Springfield…hysterical he is…and loud…volume counts for something?

    Let’s do let him go?…back to acting class.

    He might consider lessons from Alex Jones…or one of his ilk.

    A mighty sound track would have been nice?…and possibly a character name?…DefenderMan?

  2. First the Dem majority’s House and Ways Committee is going to do is have IRS present Trump’s tax returns from the last five years and will learn how money the Russian Oligarchy has leant him and what interest rate. Bob Lyons

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    1. I hope so Bob. But I keep thinking about how Obama and the Dems let the bankers off the hook after they were elected following the 2008 bankster theft of the economy.

  3. Another mis-informed IEA/NEA Endorsement in a long string of questionable candidates supported by a weak compromised leadership. There was a time when I was a proud member of the IEA/NEA as national delegate for 20+ years, IEA state chair and local association president. Since my departure from the rank and file in 2009, I hardly identify with anything or anyone within the IEA leadership. This is yet another instance that makes one wonder where the IEA/NEA is going, who they are loyal to and what is the real agenda?

    1. I’m with you Curtis. Things weren’t great back in the day, but it has only gotten worse. Don’t forget that Cinda is running for TRS board. Don’t let her near our retirement savings anymore.

      1. Curtis. Cinda’s term as teacher rep ends this year (she has been on the board for 15 years) and she is rumored running for retiree rep. IRTA is supporting Doug Strand, as am I. Let folks know.

  4. Good news theydidnt and a dem supermajority in Illinois . Urban Illinois down to Galesburg all blue. btw dems should do something nice for Galesburg. Perhaps a consolidatikn of higher ed there .

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