Democratic Illinois State Senator Iris Martinez and the Charter Commission.

Above, Senator Martinez speaks at a Springfield rally held by the Illinois Network of Charter Schools (INCS).

I have written about the Illinois Charter Commission before.

It is a very undemocratic idea. The Commission, much like the Chicago board of education, is made up of unelected members. It has the power to overrule a local elected school board’s decision to reject a charter school application. The local school board must then provide the funding for the charter school.

For years efforts have been made take that power away from the Commission.

In the last session of the Illinois legislature, those efforts were successful.

But the bill was vetoed by Governor Rauner.

Last week the Illinois House voted to override Rauner’s veto.

But the Illinois Senate failed to do the same.

Two Democrats voted to support Governor Rauner’s veto: Patricia Van Pelt and Iris Martinez, the Democratic Party’s Caucus Whip.

Iris Martinez is also my State Senator.

Senator Martinez has long been a friend of charter schools. That might be partially explained by the nearly $16,000 campaign contribution from the Illinois Network of Charter Schools.

By the way, INCS is not just a pro-charter organization, it is a viciously anti-union organization.

Jim Broadway writes:

The Illinois Network of Charter Schools is not a political action committee, in spite of being listed as one of (Republican Senator from Kankakee, Lindsay) Parkhurst’s “Top Contributors.” But INCS President Andrew Broy is also a treasurer of the INCS Action PAC, which is a political action committee, one that the Sunshine Project reports controlled $1.74 million.

There is a lot of money behind keeping the Charter Commission’s power to overrule local school boards.

This afternoon, Monday December 5th, at 4PM, public school advocates will gather at Senator Martinez’ district office. It is located at 2921 N. Milwaukee Avenue, just north of Diversey.

From Raise Your Hand Action:

This is a crucial pro-public education bill. Sen. Martinez voted no on Wednesday, and she has voted no in the past—after telling us she’d support this bill.

This will be a quick rally for our public schools to send a message to Sen. Martinez that Logan Square families want her to keep the public in public schools. If you can’t make the rally, put in a phone call, and tell her you’re unhappy with her NO vote on HB5175: 773-278-2020

See you there.

One thought on “Democratic Illinois State Senator Iris Martinez and the Charter Commission.

  1. They should abolish the power of the charter commission to overrule local school districts. Maybe better yet, abolish the charter commission itself. Keep public schools public!

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