Will Tuesday see the first charter teacher strike in the U.S.?


Chicago’s Acero charter schools were given birth by the scandal ridden UNO charters.

A kind of rebranding.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, is now likely to see the first strike by unionized charters teachers in the country.

Nationally only 11 percent of charter school teachers are unionized. Just 781 of the roughly 6,900 charter schools have collective bargaining agreements with teachers unions.

Here in Chicago, educators at more than a quarter of charter schools have unionized. Chicago is the epicenter of charter union organizing success.

I hope it is a model for the rest of the country.

Acero charters comprise about 34 of the city’s 128 campuses.

Earlier this year charter school teachers represented by the Chicago Alliance of Charter Teachers and Staff merged with the Chicago Teachers Union.

Education workers at Acero’s school are paid less than district teachers even though Acero receives more funding than traditional public schools.

Time is up.

If there is a strike, picketing will start at 6:45 am.

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