They’re dedicating Walt Disney’s birthplace in my neighborhood, but he is still a scab to me.

In 1941 Disney animators went on strike.

Walt Disney’s birthplace is a few blocks from my house.

They’ve restored it and are having a dedication of its restoration tonight.

Maybe Micky Mouse will show up.

But not me.

Walt Disney was a right-wing scab and union buster.

In fact, he was an anti-Semitic, homophobic racist.

It’s true.

In 1934 he forced his employees to contribute to defeat Upton Sinclair’s gubernatorial campaign. Sinclair’s campaign slogan was End Poverty in California.

When workers tried to bring a union to Disney’s company, he resisted with strike-breakers and mob thugs.

Disney was an informant against liberals and progressives for J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI.

He was an America Firster and attended Nazi rallies and meetings.

In the Fifties he brought the House Committee on UnAmerican Activities to Hollywood and helped organize the Black List which barred industry employment of  progressives and communists.

I think I will skip tonight’s party.

I don’t think he would want me at the house warming anyway.

6 thoughts on “They’re dedicating Walt Disney’s birthplace in my neighborhood, but he is still a scab to me.

    1. Anonymous: Why do you think its satisfactory to call people names when they show the truth of what has happened in the past, or in the present? You hide behind your ‘name’ and feel free to rant. You are not presenting the far R in a good light.

  1. Why do so many right-wingers call those who speak factually derogatory names? Propagandists. Commie hippy yuppies. Un-American traitors. Feminazis. The list goes on and on…
    On the other hand, it sure makes it easier to have these name-callers self identify by what spews from their mouths.

  2. Mickey should be renamed Scabby.

    Name calling is the ever present tool of bullies wherever they are found.

  3. I saw a documentary on Walt Disney around a year, or more, ago. It showed his employees and how disgusted they were with the pay and working conditions. They finally went on strike and he was furious. He believed he should be in total control of what happens inside his company. He became extremely wealthy and greedy. How sad that someone with his creative talents didn’t have any vision on how to treat people.

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