Kentucky pension theft. The smell of sewage. Governor Bevin tries to be like Trump.

When last we looked south to the teacher pension mess in Kentucky their Supreme Court had ruled unconstitutional the pension theft bill of Republican Governor Bevin and his GOP legislative majority.

They ruled narrowly about the shady process of passing the bill. They avoided addressing the issue of pension theft itself.

Bevin and the Repugs had put the language of pension theft into a sewer funding bill. The Court ruled that stealing pensions that way stunk, well, like sewage.

When the sewage/pension bill passed last year Kentucky became part of the Red State Teacher Revolt of wildcat strikes.

Last week, following the Court ruling Governor Bevin called a special session of the legislature to pass the same sewage he tried to sneak by before being busted by the Courts.

The special session came up with nothing.

The truth is that he probably never thought it would. He took a page from the Trumpian playbook on the fight for Wall funding (or Slat funding) and was just using the pensions as a way to rile up his base. His re-election campaign is tanking.

He admitted as much in a press conference.

Gov. Matt Bevin’s call for a special session on pensions was about the governor’s race — a Trumpian move of defying the “liberal” judiciary and press since Trump in Kentucky is polling much better than the governor is. This was intended to strike up this base.

A sad truth is that Kentucky public pensions remain massively underfunded.

The good news is that the teacher unions seems to be rubbing the sleep out of their eyes.

For years they have sat by and let the pension thievery go on with barely a whisper of protest.

My pension theft fighting colleague, teacher Randy Wieck, posted yesterday:

WHAT A TURNAROUND! JCTA now lauds LAWSUIT: “The Jefferson County Teachers Association applauds the Kentucky Supreme Court decision voiding the 2018 SB 151 pension bill. This ruling is a huge victory for Democracy in our Commonwealth.”

Brent McKim, JCTA President WHO blocked Attorney Ted Lavit (of Rose v. Council fame) in May, 2014 from explaining to JCTA membership at a PR meeting the merits of engaging the third branch of government in stopping PENSION PLUNDER.

Good Golly, do we need better leadership in the state teacher associations!

Yes, we do.


4 thoughts on “Kentucky pension theft. The smell of sewage. Governor Bevin tries to be like Trump.

  1. You should read the comment section to the video “Matt talks Bevin.” Matt has articulated a rational, fact-based option to working through the Kentucky “pension Issue.” It would be a compliment to call some of the commenters “deplorables.”

  2. Bevin and the Kentucky politicians are not “on the level” with the teachers pensions. Maybe they are inspired by the politicians here in Illinois. No Honesty, No Fairness, No Integrity = Illinois and Kentucky Pension Thieves.

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