Eddie Burke may have paid for the scone, but I didn’t know about it.


When my brother and I do our radio show and podcast, Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers, we usually have a pre-show meeting at Bridgeport Coffee.

We have been doing this for two years now.

Yes. Hitting Left is about to go into its third year at Lumpen Radio, 105.5fm and streaming at http://www.lumpenradio.com

You can download the app from the iTunes store.

One Friday morning we walked into Bridgeport Coffee and there was the infamous powerful alderman from the 14th Ward and now former head of the Council Finance Committee, Eddie Burke.

You can see his back over the shoulder of my brother in the photo above.

Mike assures me he paid for his own coffee and donut.

I’m not saying Eddie paid for my cafe au lait with soy (I’m lactose intolerant) or for my scone. If he did pay for my scone, I’m pretty sure I sent the money back once the barista told me that the guy in the pin stripe suit paid for it.

Maybe he just paid for the coffee.

I don’t remember.

But if he did pay for the scone, I allowed for it at first only because of my love for his dear wife, Anne Burke.

She voted against pension theft as a member of the Illinois Supreme Court.

So, there’s that.

And besides.

Who doesn’t love Anne Burke?



5 thoughts on “Eddie Burke may have paid for the scone, but I didn’t know about it.

  1. Yes, in all of this, I feel for Anne Burke. As far as one can tell, she has done nothing but good (Special Olympics, Church abuse victims/speaking out, vote against pension theft, adoption).

    1. I was kind of kidding. She wouldn’t be on the court if it weren’t for slow Eddie. In fact, all the judges in the state have to get his approval to be slated.

  2. Fred, you may be listed somewhere as unknown citizen number one, scone beneficiary. Be sure you make your donation to County President Preckwinkle before the Primary. Bob Lyons

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  3. It starts with accepting the first one free. Once you are addicted to his free “scone” you are willing to do his bidding. The road to Hell is paved with good scones.
    Perhaps you should rename your radio show after him, figuratively speaking.
    “Hitting Scones”

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