I will be voting for Lori Lightfoot.

Lori Lightfoot and me at the Logan Square anti-gentrification march.

Having Lori Lightfoot as Mayor of Chicago would be a historic first.

She is a politically progressive African American gay woman.

Identity is important. So are politics, policy and program.

And Mayor Lightfoot wouldn’t be an embarrassment.

In the wake of the federal charges against Alderman Eddie Burke and the exposure  of his financial ties and contributions to the leading candidates Preckwinkle, Mendoza, Chico and Daley, the issue of a mayoral embarrassment is not small potatoes.

And as Harold Washington taught me, civic corruption is not only a moral issue. It is a tax on the citizens of our city.

In Chicago we pay a high corruption tax.

The connection between the four leading candidates and Burke has been well documented over the past several days.

It is not good enough to say, as some progressive supporters of Toni Preckwinkle have said, that she wasn’t the one charged with a crime.

She is the Chair of the Cook County Democratic Party and controls the reins of power and she runs it like it has always been run:  From behind closed doors and in support of those like Burke and Joe Berrios.

Preckwinkle, Mendoza, Daley and Chico are all Machine Democrats.

Is Lori Lightfoot electable?

Can anyone who has observed politics over the past few years make a claim about who is electable and who is not?




6 thoughts on “I will be voting for Lori Lightfoot.

  1. I like her, too!! She declared early in the game (which shows her determination) & was out pounding the pavement AT EVERY SINGLE SUMMER FESTIVAL & EVENT.
    Can’t say that for the others.

  2. Thank you, Fred, I had wondered whom you would vote for, and I feel you have chosen wisely. And it is “Lori Lightfoot and I” of course. Bob Lyons

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  3. Sure wish I lived in Chicago now. Lori would have my vote for sure. Don’t rule out Madigan et.al., to be given up by Eddie Burke–espcially if it means to save his a$$. Was wondering, if the dead can vote in Chicago elections, what about people from the collar counties? Would their vote count? Never mind, just realized if you’re not voting for an annointed machine candidate my vote would probably be disqualified due to a hanging chad!

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