Trump’s speech.

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  1. We’ll be so-o-o-o much better off when we can live like the Venezuelans live!!  Thanks for keeping up the good fight, Fred!!

    1. The first thought that comes into your head after those 8 minutes of lies by the President of the United States is Venezuela?

  2. Trump is an ignorant, narcissistic, racist, bigoted, pathological liar. HIs attempt to show compassion is empty. He should be more concerned about 800,000 people who are now working without pay and struggle to pay their bills than about the 6 illegal terrorists who were caught at the southern border in the last 2 years! Even Trump’s ‘news’ station Fox is saying he isn’t telling the truth. He lies because he keeps having to perform for the 30% of the country who believe everything he says.

    Here is a comment made by the Orange IDIOT to Mexican President Peña Nieto in 2017. He speaks like a grade school kid. “I HAVE TO.”
    “The only thing I will ask you though is on the wall, you and I both have a political problem. My people stand up and say, “Mexico will pay for the wall” and your people probably say something in a similar but slightly different language. But the fact is we are both in a little bit of a political bind because I have to have Mexico pay for the wall – I have to.” —–Trump to Peña Nieto, 1/27/17

    Video: Donald Trump’s Border Speech Gets A Savage Instant Fact-Check On Fox News
    Shepard Smith had some quick corrections for the president.
    Shep Smith & Chris Wallace #Factcheck Trumps live address – #GodFatherJoke

  3. What would we ever do without old sphincter mouth? Sadly, there are many Americans who probably feel that this eight minute speech was one of the greatest ever made by an American President. Go back and give some thought to the fact that one of the very first things he did when he got elected was to shoot the “Mother of All Bombs” toward the Mid East. I still don’t know if it hit anything.

    I hope before some of those Generals left that they figured out a way to disconnect that nuke button that he supposedly has access to in case of an emergency.

  4. A growing number of Americans blame Trump for shutdown: Reuters-Ipsos poll
    NEW YORK (Reuters) –
    The national opinion poll, which ran from Jan. 1 to Jan. 7, found that 51 percent of adults believe Trump “deserves most of the blame” for the shutdown, which entered its 18th day on Tuesday. That is up 4 percentage points from a similar poll that ran from Dec. 21 to 25.

    Another 32 percent blame congressional Democrats for the shutdown and 7 percent blame congressional Republicans, according to the poll. Those percentages are mostly unchanged from the previous poll…

    Illegal border crossings into the United States have declined dramatically in recent years, yet Trump insists a wall is still necessary to stem a “humanitarian and national security crisis” in the region…

    Republicans, however, strongly support Trump’s pursuit of an expanded border wall. They have consistently ranked immigration as their top concern for the country. Seventy-seven percent of Republicans said in the most recent poll that they want additional border fencing, and 54 percent said they support Trump shutting down the government until Congress approves funding for the wall.

  5. I started watching the “Designated Survivor” recently on Netflix. And for those who may be uninformed it’s the story an individual who was designated to stand in for the sitting US President in case of a catastrophe. The Designated Survivor is viewed by most of his constituents as the least likely to succeed, least able and capable person with no prior experience.

    While I viewed episode 17 of the Designated Survivor last night in lieu of “T”s speech, an interesting associative parallel came to mind.

    That of the “Designated Conniver” and what a “Perfect Fit” for our current administration.
    Here are some interesting synonyms/definitions and behaviors related to the root word Connive!

    To Wink!
    Cross Fingers!
    FAKE ~
    Double Crosser
    FAKE ~
    Swindler &

    Designated Conniver? If the shoe fits, wear it!

  6. Since when does Trump have compassion and care about anyone but himself? This statement proves that he can read what someone else wrote.

    “Thousands of more lives will be lost if we don’t act now. This is a humanitarian crisis — a crisis of the heart and a crisis of the soul.” – Trump

  7. I LOVE this article. There is a moral issue and the US is failing miserably. Brown people are considered inferior and therefore, should be kept out is the GOP line and one that Trump is pushing. Schumer and Pelosi also say we need more border control and are not delving into the lack of moral responsibility.
    Searching for a Substantive Response to Trump’s Hateful Speech
    By Masha GessenJanuary 9, 2019
    One might say that, by failing to challenge the basic premise of the President’s speech, and by failing to characterize asylum seekers accurately, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi lied, too…

    “The women and children at the border are not a security threat; they are a humanitarian challenge,” Pelosi said, but this apparently empathetic statement omits the important fact that most of the women and children—and the men—at the southern border are trying to seek asylum, a right that is guaranteed to them by Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. They are not, in other words, begging for charity; they are asking for their due from a system designed to protect them. One might say that, by failing to challenge the basic premise of Trump’s speech, and by failing to characterize asylum seekers accurately, Pelosi lied, too, by commission and by omission.
    Schumer led with explicitly allying himself with the President’s position. “Make no mistake,” he said, “Democrats and the President both want stronger border security.” The problem with the wall, according to Schumer, is that it’s expensive and ineffective. He didn’t say that it is immoral. He called his disagreement with the President a “policy difference,” thereby dignifying Trump’s rants and tantrums. Shutting down the government over the border wall is to policy what writing a pouty letter to Kim Jong Un is to diplomacy, and the leader of the Senate opposition should have no business elevating it…

      1. “Ignorant, bullying, bigoted”, megalomaniac piece of garbage. I liked your descriptive list. Just thought I’d add a few more qualifications. He is also known as the Orange IDIOT, Orange Hair Monster, Orange Buffoon, Pussy-Grabber-in-Chief and Liar-in-Chief. I think we’re on the same page.

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