Daley runs against Local School Councils and democracy.

The first local school council members are sworn in at the University of Illinois at Chicago Pavilion after they were established by the legislature in 1988.

Because Chicago is America’s most segregated big city it has always suffered from a lack of democratic processes.

Our city has always been the home of the undemocratic Political Machine.

It remains so today.

Racial segregation and lack of democracy are twins.

Nothing epitomized this basic fact more than the regime of Chicago’s first Mayor Daley.  His iron fisted rule was supported by racial policies that promoted segregation in every area of our city’s life: neighborhoods, parks and schools – just to begin the list.

It was with the election of our first African American mayor, Harold Washington, that we began to see cracks in the system, promoted by someone sitting in a seat of power.

One of those cracks was the creation of Local School Councils in 1988, shortly after Harold’s death.

Local School Councils were established at every public Chicago school with members democratically elected with representation from parents, teachers and community residents. They were given very specific authority. and control never before seen at the community level.

Because fighting racism and broader democracy for everyone are also twins.

Local School Councils stand in stark contrast to mayoral control of our city’s board of education

After Harold’s death, the fifth floor of City Hall never liked nor supported the idea of the Local School Council. A succession of mayors (including another Daley) tried starving them, reducing funding, undermining their decisions and offering little in the way of the training that was provided when they were created.

But it has taken until now and another Daley – Bill – to actually call for their destruction in his campaign for Mayor.

Chicago Teachers Union President Jesse Sharkey responded to Bill Daley’s idea.

One thought on “Daley runs against Local School Councils and democracy.

  1. My mouth flew open at that very stupid idea. Another “wait, WHAT?!” moment of so very many we are having here locally &, of course, in America (such as “government suggestions” for the 800K workers to “survive” the shutdown–e.g. “Have a yard sale.”
    I recommend that Daley & IQ45 watch Sen. Kamala Harris on last night’s “The Late Show w/Stephen Colbert” (&, perhaps, read her new book–a good start to reading for 45.)
    The very IDEA that elected officials recognize (as she so stated) that they are responsible to their constituents/the people, & NOT for themselves. She has SOME nerve!!!

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