Billy Daley. Too big for a wire.


There’s a breaking story this morning involving four more Chicago alderman in the continuing Chicago corruption scandal.

It involves the pay for play deal making that has been a part of the way things work for a hundred years.

But the truth is that compared to the banksters on Wall Street this is small-time stuff.

What happens on Wall Street doesn’t make the sleazy aldermanic corruption any less sleazy or costly to the people of Chicago.

In some cases the Hedge fund guys just wear better suits.

Which in the case of Eddie Burke is not hard to do.

The story of Eddie Burke’s criminal complaint and Danny Solis wearing a wire and getting free Viagra has tainted many of the leading mayoral candidates like Preckwinkle and Mendoza.

County Board President Toni Preckwinkle had to return 100K to Burke and was embarrassed when it was disclosed she gave a job to Burke’s kid who had no qualifications for the job and has a sordid story of his own.

Mendoza is so close to Burke that she was married in his home.

As a result, Preckwinkle and Mendoza’s polling numbers seem to have stalled or dropped some points.

Only Billy Daley among the seeming top tier of candidates has escaped the taint of this scandal.

Partly this is due to the long-time dislike that the Burke and Daley political families have had for each other.

And Billy is a Wall Street hedge fund guy. Too big for this small-time tax referral stuff.

Many white voters who were looking at Paul Vallas and Garry McCarthy now seem to be moving to Billy. His numbers continue to creep upwards with the help of his monster campaign fund.

Brother Mike goes into Billy’s Wall Street connections.

Like Rahm, Billy is a Wall Street guy. Too big for penny ante corruption.

And there is not a word of political progressivism in anything Billy has to say.

When he shows up to say something that is.

He has steadfastly refused to appear at mayoral forums.

In the rest of the country, the Left is driving the political discussion. Whether it wins or loses in a particular race, Democrats are debating the agenda that the Left has proposed: Progressive taxation, Medicare for all, a green economy.

In Chicago, too often the mayoral race has been about nothing.

There will be another chance to change this sad situation. While Billy will likely make the run-off, who will be number two is in doubt since almost everybody else’s numbers fall within the polling margin of error.

There is still a chance to make this election about something.



3 thoughts on “Billy Daley. Too big for a wire.

  1. Well that is indeed an interesting site. It has some interesting connections to be hostile foreign country and it is absolutely obsessed with Illinois Pensions. In fact it has an article just out by Mark Glennon.

  2. Also, apparently, bigger than the ILL-Annoy Constitution. Wednesday, 2/6/19 Sun-Times: “Daley was alone among candidates…in advocating for an amendment to the Illinois Constitution to change a pension protection clause that states that ‘those benefits shall not be diminished or impaired.’
    …Jeremiah Joyce …strongly disagreed, noting that retirees ‘held up their end’ & deserve what they were promised…to change the constitution and take that benefit away from them is not only unjustified. It’s morally reprehensible.’ (Amara) Enyia said she, too, opposes altering the pension protection clause ‘against the backdrop’ of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that ‘weakened labor unions almost beyond repair.'”
    Oh, & Garry McCarthy wants to “annex” “suburban communities–including Norridge, Oak Park, Oak Lawn & Evergreen Park–to generate revenue needed to chip away at a looming $1 billion spike in pension payments.” As one might surmise, this didn’t go over too well w/those ‘burbs.

    The aforementioned occurred in a forum w/the Sun-Times Editorial Board held Tuesday which included Daley, Joyce, Enyia, McCarthy, Kozlar & Wilson.

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