Not another Daley.


The tiny Chicago Facebook world is getting hot over the Chicago mayor’s race.

If social media is the extent of your human contact, you might be led into thinking that this race is hugely compelling to most of Chicago’s population.

You would be wrong.

Recent polling show undecided leading the field of 14.

Early voting in the neighborhoods doesn’t start until tomorrow, but expectations are for a record low turnout. I’ve heard from those who know that less than 20% of registered voters may show up.

There are some ward aldermanic races that have generated real excitement. That’s because there are some real progressives running and challenging some real dogs.

Dogs like Eddie Burke.

But the reality is that the progressive electoral movement was – amazingly – taken by surprise when Rahm announced his decision not to run again.

Amazing, because that was exactly what we were demanding all along.

As a result, there is no single progressive candidate that has been able to unify the movement.

I’ve already said I’m voting for Lori Lightfoot.

Will her recent endorsement by the Sun-Times be a game changer? Probably not, since newspaper endorsements require most people to read local newspapers and that’s not happening. But it may make a difference of a point or two in a low-turnout election. And the editorial support for Lightfoot- unlike a lot of the weird local aldermanic endorsements by the Sun-Times and the Tribune – was a well written argument.

At least I thought so.

On the other hand the Sun-Times endorsed 1st ward Alderman Proco Joe Moreno on the editorial page while reporting on his pay-to-play activities and his trouble with making a false police report on the first page.

Go figure.

Nearly all the candidates – not just the so-called top tier – are nearly within the margin of polling error.

In other words, most predictions are worthless.

But Bill Daley is the problem. He leads in some polls and might be the only one we can predict with some degree of certainty will make the general election, even if he only gets 20% of the vote.

Last week’s guest co-host on Hitting Left, Ben Joravsky, wrote one of his patented Chicago political histories for the Chicago Reader during the summer. The column was a reminder about the history of the Daleys. 

For a while I thought that all Daley’s opposition had to do was run TV ads with the words “parking meter deal” on the screen.

But it seems that story has gotten old.  Eight years is a generation of Chicago voters.

Basically, Bill Daley would be the mayor from JP Morgan Chase.

There is Facebook heat.

There is the reality among the general Chicago electorate.

And then there is Bill Daley.

Maybe after the primary we can get it together and at least prevent another Daley from being mayor.

It seems we could have done better than that.

But let’s do that.



4 thoughts on “Not another Daley.

  1. ”Sun-Times endorsed 1st ward Alderman Proco Joe Moreno on the editorial page while reporting on his pay-to-play activities and his trouble with making a false police report on the first page.”

    Just a glaring oversight that highlights why a news organization shouldn’t be making political endorsements, they should be reporting on the news, not trying to create it.

  2. In Paris, King Louis XIV followed by King Louis XV followed by King Louis XVI didn’t end well for the family.
    In Chicago, King Daley I followed by King Daley II followed by King Daley III doesn’t bode well for anybody.

    1. Right. Even Barbara Bush denounced this sort of thing, urging Jeb (he should have listened to Mom, which would have spared him a lot of humiliation {not to mention waste of Americans’ time} from the mouth of IQ45) to NOT run, saying, “We don’t need to have a Bush Dynasty.”
      Or words to that effect.

      Also–my usual rejoinder–NO to Vallas, public school destroyer, & candidate who said (to be fair, in reference to working w/ IQ45, were he elected mayor) “At the end of the day, I’m not gonna turn anybody away who wants to give me money.” However, I wouldn’t put it past him (& neither should any
      Chicago voter) to be taking dark money right now. The Walton PAC, it’s been written, was planning on putting money into the Chicago aldermanic & mayoral races…yet their campaign contributions are nowhere to be found on IL Sunshine. (It would follow a pattern of “dark money,” most likely, so one could not easily find it.) &…how fortunate for him to have been slipped into Daley’s debate vacancy the other night, missing the Friday debate in which he would have been up against Lori Lightfoot & Amyra Enyia, who both would have given him quite a run.

  3. Then there was cheating on the insurance exam . He wasn’t smart enough to pass the Illinois insurance exam.That was when I was a little kid.

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