Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers. Episode #102. Curtis Black. The Chicago race for the fifth floor.

The Chicago Reporter’s Curtis Black has been a solid source of information about Chicago politics, race and police abuse and brutality for quite a long time.

In fact, the last time he was a guest on Hitting Left was in April of 2017 when we discussed the police abuse and torture cases involving the CPD detectives Ray Guevara and John Burge.

Our timing today was pretty good. Curtis had just published an election summary.  It kind of served as our show’s agenda.

It is no secret that I voted for Lori Lightfoot in the primary and plan to vote for her again in April.

But neither me or my brother Mike have any interest in turning our show into a radio/podcast version of what happens on Facebook.

In the short hour we have each week we want to dive into as much substance and facts as we can, even when we have very definite views of our own. It’s not about being dispassionate. It is about respecting differences and assuming good intentions.

Curtis Black’s thesis is “the election was . . . a complete repudiation of Rahm Emanuel’s record as mayor of Chicago.” And, “whatever the outcome in April, it’s clear that the Age of Emanuel has come to a resounding close.”

I’m not entirely sure about that, but it was a good place to start.

What we have now is a general election featuring two African American women, including a Gay African American woman, both of whom fall somewhere within that now mushy category of progressive.

It is an election that would have seemed unimaginable just a decade ago.

There are still things to know about the candidates. Each have records that are both commendable and problematic. It is for each of them to provide answers and to flesh it all out.

I am not the first to point out that Facebook and Twitter often distort the discourse.

The language on social media is not the stuff that you would necessarily hear in face to face living room conversations, even among friends who disagreed with each other.

I am reminded of my experience as a teacher. On occasion I would receive a note from a parent who was irate about something a student had reported to them.

It was hard not to feel some hurt by the tone and obvious anger when you receive a note like that. It required me to take a step back and remind myself that in most cases the parent was acting out of a genuine concern for their child and had the best of intentions.

I would then call home or invite the parent to my room.  Nine times out of ten the anger in the note would melt away literally a few seconds into the conversation.

I support Lori. I am not her spokesperson. I have no intention of trying to defend every thing she has done or dismiss the concerns of those who disagree with me about my choice.

In fact, I have lots of questions for and about both of them.

That’s what campaigns should be about.

And they are questions that cannot be forgotten about after election day.

You can hear our podcast here.

4 thoughts on “Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers. Episode #102. Curtis Black. The Chicago race for the fifth floor.

  1. Very happy about the (right–“unimaginable”) election results. IMO, for once, NOT a choice between “the lesser of 2 evils.” Just a word of caution–knowing that Lightfoot isn’t a Janice Jackson fan, I’m thinking that Paul Vallas might somehow attempt to worm his way toward the candidate (don’t know about his/any relationship w/Preckwinkle, but not reading or hearing anywhere that she’s either for or against Jackson, so it’s a ?). This, BTW, was a suggestion from the Trib’s Vallas-smitten John Kass, that Lori should go to Vallas for advice! Lori, if by any chance you are reading this post, stay far, far away from Vallas. I recommend reading Eve Ewing’s excellent book “Ghosts in the Schoolyard”–on Page 44, a mere sentence or two speaks volumes as to how he has absolutely NO regards for kids, parents & CPS communities.
    Just as he didn’t in New Orleans, Philadelphia & attempted to do dirt to schools in Bridgeport, CT.
    If it’s a title he wants, he’s earned that of King of School Privatization.
    Speaking of, stay away from Arne Duncan, as well…

    1. Of course if we had an elected school board it wouldn’t matter what either one thought about Jackson.

  2. Yes! Would hope that would be the first order of the new mayor, but, I guess, Jackson would then stay in place until a new board was elected (because…how long would that take; it would be a while…).

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