Teacher job actions in Kentucky. Who’s in charge there.

Kentucky teachers protest pension threats.

In Kentucky, Jefferson county teachers have been organizing sickouts to protest attempts by the legislature to weaken already an already awful pension situation.

Many of the protests have been organized outside of the control of the Jefferson County Teachers Association, the local affiliate of the Kentucky Education Association and the NEA.

This is all a continuation of last year’s red state teacher revolt.

The problem facing officials is who do they bargain with?

School administrators originally thought they had reached a deal with the JCTA to limit the protests.

Jefferson County Public Schools and the Jefferson County Teachers Association agreed to a plan that would permit a small group of teachers to be at the Kentucky Capitol through the end of the legislative session without closing schools.

Three people from every JCPS school were given permission to go to Frankfort during each of the four remaining days of the 2019 session.

The plan would allow teachers to have a presence at the Capitol without the need for more sickout protest that had closed schools.

JCTA President Brent McKim called the plan a “win-win.”

But other Jefferson County teachers were not so sure and smelled a sellout.

Many have joined  closed internet sites to continue organizing mass actions at the capitol.

There have been four teacher sickouts in the Jefferson County Public Schools.

None were authorized by the local or state teachers union.

On March 12. Jefferson County Superintendent Marty Pollio and Jefferson County Teachers Association Brent McKim thought they had the deal that would keep the schools open.

Only, Pollio had been bargaining with the wrong folks.

He discovered that when one-third of Jefferson County teachers called in sick, and schools were shut down for another time.

Earlier this month, Kentucky teacher and pension protest organizer, Randy Wieck, posted a report here.

JCPS teachers have established their ability to stage more unauthorized sickouts while ignoring the pleas of their union leaders.

For the time being, their actions may have been successful in killing the bill which lawmakers of both parties agree is dead this session.




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