Jamie Kalven on Hitting Left. Episode #104. Laquan McDonald, journalism and an important moment in our history.


Jamie Kalven is an extraordinary reporter.

It is very possible that if not for him the story of Laquan McDonald would never have been told, Jason Van Dyke would still be on Chicago streets and Rahm Emanuel would be about to serve third term.

Although he gives all credit to the young Chicago activists who would  not let the story die.

With just a few days before early voting for the next Chicago mayor begins, this was a perfect time to have Jamie on Hitting Left.

When speaking of Rahm’s culpability Kalven makes a distinction between a cover-up and the norm.

The attempt to kill the story of the death Laquan McDonald was not a cover-up in the Nixonian sense, says Kalven.

It was the norm.

He gives credit to both Toni Preckwinkle and Lori Lightfoot. Kalven says Preckwinkle was the first Chicago official to respond to his reporting. He says Lightfoot’s leadership on the task force Rahm established after the video was finally released exceeded expectations.

Regardless of who becomes the next mayor, Kalven hopes we don’t let this extraordinary moment in Chicago history pass without making very specific demands of those in power and hold them to it.

The activists in the street should inspire us all.

The podcast is here.

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