Doug Strand for annuitant representative to TRS board.

From the Desk of Karen Buchanan


March 27, 2019

Dear Fellow Retired Teachers & Current Active Educators:

In June of 2015, I retired from teaching both elementary and middle schools. Finally, I would begin drawing my TRS pension. Throughout the years, I had heard of TRS. As our association’s chief negotiator, I knew that over 9% of my salary was earmarked for TRS. Lastly, as the daughter of a former school administrator, I am aware of the ongoing state legislature’s aversion to funding TRS.  Before retirement TRS was intangible, just three letters. Now, my livelihood hinges on what happens with TRS.

During the month of April, elections will be held for the TRS Board of Trustees. A good friend of over thirty plus years and a fellow retired teacher, Doug Strand of East Moline, is a candidate to serve on the TRS Board of Trustees. I support Doug 100%, both personally and as a fellow IRTA member. After reading his qualifications you, too, will hopefully will vote for him.

This past October, Doug was endorsed as the IRTA (Illinois Retired Teachers’ Association) candidate. Doug as well as seven other IRTA members from around the state, were interviewed to be the IRTA candidate. Doug received the IRTA Board of Directors’ unanimous approval and its endorsement.

  • Doug has earned two bachelor’s degrees and a master’s degree.
  • During his senior year at Luther College, Doug had an accounting internship with Price Waterhouse in Chicago (a return to his childhood home of the south side of Chicago).
  • Immediately out of college, Doug spent a year and a half in Minneapolis as an account auditor.
  • After his accounting job, Doug became an educator at United Township High School in East Moline. For nearly forty years, Doug taught economics and consumer education.
  • Over the last 40 years, Doug has also served on the
  • East Moline City Council
  • -East Moline Police Pension Board
  • Black Hawk College Board of Trustees (currently serving his second term)
  • Black Hawk IRTA Unit Executive Board
  • Board of Directors of the Service Plus Credit Union in Moline. Service Plus Credit Union is a teacher established credit union.
  • -East Moline Youth Baseball Board
  • In addition to these formal positions, Doug willingly helps on other committees and boards, including Fly the Flag High, a Flag Day event that is very close to my heart.

Over the years, I have witnessed Doug as an educator, as a friend, and as a businessman. I hold him in high esteem and will appreciate your support for him. I know that Doug will do a phenomenal job and will represent all equally and fairly. He understands those of us “downstate” educators who have faced lower than median pay scales and, thus, receive lower pensions. Moreover, he can easily explain what is happening with TRS, what can or may happen with proposed TRS policies, and what will be happening.

As a fellow educator, I hope you will vote for Doug. He has been a good friend to me and will be a good friend to those who are receiving a TRS pension and to active educators who will eventually.


Karen J Buchanan

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