Killing edTPA in Illinois.


In 2015 it seems like I was posting daily about the terrible teacher certification program, edTPA.

Like this one from the Illinois Coalition for edTPA Rule Change.

edTPA was part of the corporate education reform movement that privatized teacher certification, cheapened the actual experience of what we call student teaching, and removed the classroom teacher from the process.

My good friend, Maine South retiree Sandy Deines, has been very active in the coalition.

I heard from Sandy yesterday. She wanted to share some edTPA news.

Hi Fred,

Well, would you believe I’m still fighting against edTPA?
We’ve got a bill -HB256- that’s been voted out of committee and, according to Will Guzzardi, will be voted on by the House next week, probably Wednesday.
HB256 prohibits the practice that student teachers have been required to do ever since edTPA in 2015, which is to video themselves and their students as a requirement for licensure. As you well know, Pearson requires this so that they can farm portfolios and videos out to their educator/piece workers to evaluate.
 If there is anything you can do to raise awareness among your readers/followers to call their state Reps. to vote for HB256, I would SO appreciate it!
Thanks Fred,
Sandy Deines


HB256 doesn’t exactly do away with edTPA, but it is a step to increasing general knowledge about edTPA with the goal of eventually killing it.

Illinois folks should contact state legislators and ask them to support the Guzzardi bill, HB256.

edTPA fact sheet for reps 1.15.19 (1)

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